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taken from the Library 


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Fifty-First Annual Meeting 



State Convention 



Nov. 9tli, 10th;ilth, 12th and 13th, 1881. 

Edwaeds, Broughton & Co., Steam Printers and Bind^ 


Baptist State Convention. 

N. B. COBB, Chapel Hill, N. C. 


J. C. SCARBOROUGH, Raleigh, N. C. 
J. B. BOONE, Statesville, N. C. 
J. A. STRADLEY, Oxford, N. C. 


B. F. MONTAGUE, Raleigh, N. C. 

T. H. BRIGGS, Jr., Raleigh, N. C. 

Recording Secretaries. 
WM. BIGGS, Oxford, N. C. 
W. L. WRIGHT, Hillsboro, N. C. 

Boards of the Convention, 

For 1881-'82. 

BOARD OF IfllSSIOiVS— Rulcigli, \. C. 

John K. Uav. 

Lor. Sec. 

Raleigh, X. C. 

J. 11. 

Bl<i(;s. NOAII 
lU^ACKWool), A. IX 
BKOlT(;iHT()X, N. B. 
BRIDGKS, .1. S. 
BAB15. T. \V. 
BROWN, 71. A. 
COBB. N. B. 
COOK, C. M. 
DUNN, V. A. 


(i\VAI,TM;V, W. 
IIAY.MDitK, C. C. 
HF.CK,,!. M. 
lUFHAM,.!. D. 
.TONi:s. F. H. 
.Ji'VNKR, J.D. 
MAKSII. ]{. 11. 
ISl(lXTA(;rK, B. F. 
MOoltK. K. S. 

>irxi»v,.i. A. 

XELSOX, W. A. • 

rKriCIlARD. T. H. 
K KIN 11 ART. II. W. 
RAY,. I. K. 

SAVAOK, l:. K. 
SCAKIJoKorolI, J. ( 
SHAW. X. B. 
Sl'EKUrr, T. T. 
TAYLOR,.!. B. 
Tdl.Ai;, W. .1. 
AVKl',1!, .I.T. 
WI<;(;s. T. .1. 
^\ oMliLE, .1., Jr., 
WOOL, T. a. 

BOARD OF EDUCATIOX— ^Vake Forest College, X. C. 

ALEEN, I). W. 
DUNN, L. C. 
DUXN, P. A. 
DUXX, W. B. 

MII,LS. E. R. 
powi:rs, .1. B. 
PUHEl'O^-. F. M. 


s('AitB(>i;(ir(4H, c. w. 

SlM.MdXs, W. G. 
TA^LOi;, C. E. 
VAXN, A. R. 


JOHX E. Ray, Cor. Sec, Raleigh, X. C. 

ALT,EX. ,T. S. 
BRIGGS, T. II., Ju. 
BRorciHToX, X. B. 
BRrG(;s, .1. A. 
BOOXE. .1. B. 
Co HEX, A. D. 
Do 1)1). W. II. 

j:beltoft. T. W. 


CiRAYsoN, A. L. 
(tILVHAM, W. A. 
HECK, .7. M. 
.lOXES, F, H. 
M.\RCOM.J. C. 

POLK, L. L. 
POOL. ,1. M. 
PEEL. W. J. 
RAY. J. E. 
VASS. W. W. 


1. The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina shall 
be composed of three representatives from each white Asso- 
ciation in the State, of annual representatives for every ^10 
contributed to its funds, and of such life members as have 
been, or shall be made so by the payment of $30 at any one 
time to the Treasurer. No one shall be a member of the 
Convention who is not a member, in good standing, of a 
Baptist Church. 

2. The primary objects of the Convention shall be to ed- 
ucate young men called of God to the ministry and approv- 
ed by the churches to which they belong; to support the 
gospel in destitute sections of the State; to assist Baptist 
churches in the erection of suitable houses of worship ; to 
encourage the study of the Bible in Sunday Schools; and 
to co-operate with the Southern Baptist Convention in all 
its departments of labor. 

3. The President shall preside when present, and enforce 
order in accordance with Dr. Mell's Parliamentar}^ Practice. 

4. There shall be three A-^ice-Presidents, one of whom shall 
preside in the absence of the President. 

5. The Recording Secretary and his Assistant shall record 
the proceedings, publish the minutes, and collect and pre- 
serve correct statistics of the denomination. 

6. The Treasurer shall receive all funds represented in the 
Convention, make public acknowledgment of the same every 
week, forward all contributions to their destination, and, at 
every meeting of the Convention, make a full report of his 
receipts and disbursements. 

7. The Corresponding Secretary shall solicit contributions 
to the objects of the Convention, assist the Board in the 
employment and payment of Missionaries, and labor to pro- 

6 Constitution. 

mote the cultiw' Jon and development of Christian benevo- 

8. The Boards of the Convention shall be appointed an- 

9. The Education Board shall, so far as it may be able, 
assist promising and indigent young ministers seeking to 
prepare themselves for the more efficient preaching of the 

10. The Mission Board shall, so far as the means at its 
disposal will allow, supply all destitute portions of the Slate 
with faithful and efficient ministers of the gospel ; shall give 
pecuniary aid, so far as can be secured, for building houses 
of worship at proper points in the State, and in cases where 
pecuniary aid cannot be extended shall commend them to 
the beneficence of the churches. This Board shall co operate 
wifh the Southern Baptist Convention in all the depart- 
ments of its labor. 

11. The Sunday School Board shall encourage the study 
of the Bible in our churches, and co-operate, with the Sun- 
day School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. 



Winston, N. C, November 9tli, 188L 

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina met in 
its Fifty-First Annual Session with the church at Winston^ 
on Wednesday, November 9th, 1881, at 11 o'clock a. m. 

The Convention was called to order by Elder N. B. Cobbv 
President of the Convention at its last session. 

Devotional exercises — Reading the 84th Psalm. Hymn: 
" All Hail The Fower of Jesus' Name." Prayer by Dr. T. E. 

After appropriate remarks by the Phesident, the Con- 
vention proceeded to business. 

On motion. Elders F. W. Eason, J. A. Stradley and Bro. 
J. S. Allen were appointed a committee on Credentials, who 
reported the following Associations and Churches represent- 
ed, and the delegates were duly enrolled as follows: 


Elder J. H. Vernon, J. S. Morris, J. C< King, Rufus Crews, P. Oliver, T, J. Val- 
entine, J. Guthrie, 

Waughtoivn churcTi^Heury Hinsdale, B. Bt. Phillips, W. H. Sheppard. 

Winston c?mrch—W. W. Workman, A. J. Hunt, C. G. Strayhorn, L W. Durham,. 
N. T. Watkins, D. S. Reid, Albert Jones, W. T. Carter, f . J. Hall, J. K. Pierce. 

Greensboro e/mrc7i— Elder E. F. Baldwin, Elder A. E. Kitchen, W. A. Stowe. 

Red Bank church— Eider R. Gourley, J. T. Valentine, Elder R. Crews, M. R, 

YanceyviUe c/ittrcft— Elder P. H. Jones, Jas. Poteat. 

Reidsville church— 3. A. Churchill. 

LeaJcsville church— ^D. F. King. 


Meadoiu Branch church— PAders E. L. Davis, A. C. Davis. 
Monroe c7iMrc7i— Elder W. B. Harrell. 


Fayetteville chtirch—YAder T. W. Ebeltoft. 

Minutes of the 


iVew Hope church— R. J. BuflTaloc. 

Brasisflclds church— H. 11. Cannady, W. E. Cannady, Dr. T. B. Lawrence. 
Rolcsvillc church— W. W. Rogers. 

rorcxlcille church— A. R.Vann, L. Chappell, W. B. Smith, J. C. Leigh, L. N_ 
rirst church, Raleigh— T, H. Brlggs, Jr., J. M, Heck, Elder T. E. Skinner. 

Wake Forest church— FXdcv C. E. Taylor, Elder T. H. I'ritchard, P. A. liiinn.J. 
JL Bennett, \V. L. Poteat, J. H. Laniberth, F. >L Purefoy. 
Mt. Vernon church— John E. Ray. 

Wake Union cfiurch— Elder J. S. Purefoy. 


Miles L. Eure. 

Winton church— Elder Thos. G. Wood. 


Elder G.W.Sanderl in. 

Ooldxboro chtirch— Elder F. II. Ixey, J. E. Peterson, T. B. Parker. 

First church, WilmiHgto7i—Elder J. B. Taylor, B. F. Mitchell. 

Newbern church— Elder F. W. Eason. 

Kinston chuixh-- Elder J. K. Faulkner. 

Masonboro church— S. H. Thompson. 


Oxford chi<rch—Wm. Biggs, F. P. Hobgood, Elder J. \. Stradley, Elder C A. 
Jenkens, C. D. Hunt. 
Island Creek church— J . T. C. Norwood, R. B. Morgan. 
Poplar Creek church^-S. S Hicks. 
Mill Creek church— Elder J. E. Montague. 


J. A. White. 

6-helby church— y\\ M. Dodd. 


R. A. Wommack, Henry Sheets, G. F. Smith, D. F. Smith, Sr. 

AbbotVs Creek cJiurc?i—\V. B. Waff, N. W. Beeson, C. H. Teague, Wm. Cllnard. 

Thomasvillc church— A. R. Wortliington, H. W. Reinhart, H. Morton. 

Ilioh Point church— Elder J. B. Richardson, A, C. Jones. 

Holloway's church— D. C. Culbreth. 


Elder W. L. Wright, Elder R. A. Patterson, E. D. Cheek. 

Durham church—Elder C. Durham, Wm. Rogers, Thos. Riggsbee, Elder J. H. 
Freeman, Dr. J. S. Meadows, E. Dalby, E. C. Hackney. 
Olive's Chapel— C. F. Williams. 
Hillsboro church— James E. Jones. 
Chapel Hill church— Elder N. B. Cobb, C. D. Graudy. 
Rose 0/ <S'/ia?-o/i— Simpson Browning. 


J. W. Denmark, G. G. Holland, 

Baptist State Convention. 

Second Church, Baleigh—'E\der W. R- Gwaltncy, J, S. Allen, R F. Montague. 

Gary church— A. B. Yates. 

Ephesus church— Klder G. J. Dowell. 

Selma church— 'E. S. Moore, J. C. Scarborough. 

Morrisville church— 'W . H. Morris. 

Ml. Harmon church— Elder A. D. Blackwood. 


Elder Enoch Crutchfleld, Dr. A. J. Patterson. 
Cool Spring church— S. D, Henly. 
Mt. Pleasant church— Wm. L. Kivett, 


J. S. Bridgers, Elder W. J. Fulford, S. F. Conrad, Jesse Green. 

Slatesville church — Elder J. B. Boone. 

Cliarlotte church— 'EXdev Theo. Whitfield. 

Society church^— J. B. Holman. 

Mocksville church— Et. Frost, W. B, Clement. 

New Bethany church— EAdev J. K Marsh. 
. Jerusalem church— A. J. Ruth, J. Lindsay, D. C. Livengood, E. W. Tatum, P. O. 


Elder a T. Bailey. 

Warrenton church— Eldev J. A. Mundy. 
Louisburg church— Elder A. G. McMannaway. 
Scotland Neck church,— Eld^r J. D. Huf ham. 
Wilson church— Elder J. E. Carter. 


Elder C. C. Haymore, J. L. Shugart, Elder J. K. Llewellyn. 
Cross Roads church— Q. W. Baity. 

The following new Life Members were reported : 

Mrs. John E. Ray, Elder J. L. Bennett, Elder A. C. Davis, Elder TV. 
B. Harrell, Elder C. A. Jenkens, Wm. Lynn, J. N. Cheek, John L. 
Markham, Elder Joseph Bivens, Elder J. B, King, Elder A. E. Bennett, 
Elder A. G. McMannaway, Elder R. A. Patterson, B. F. Montague, D. 
W. McGugan, Elder Edward Martin. 

On motion, it was resolved to go into an election for Pres- 

Whereupon Brethren E. S. Moore and J. E. Jones were 
appointed tellers. 

Pending the vote, Elders F. H. Ivey, C. Durham and 
Theo. Whitfield were appointed a committee to nominate 
the remaining officers of the Convention. 

The tellers reported that Elder N. B. Cobb had received a 

iO Minutes of the 

majority of the votes cast, and he was tlicreupon declared 
duly elected President. 

TJie committee to nominate the other officers, reported as 
follows : 

Vice-Pueside:^ts— Bro. J. C. Siai-boron<>h, Elders J. B. Boone and 
J. A Stnulley. 
Treasurer— Bro. B. F Montague. 
AlioiTOR— Bro T. II Bri;;gs, .Ir. 
Bkc'OROINO yECRBTARlES— Bros. Wni. Biggs and W. L. 'Wright. 

The report was adopted. 

The Convention adopted the following hours of meeting 
and adjournment : Meet at 9 a. m., spend half an hour in 
devotional exercises, adjourn at 12 ra. Meet at 2 p. m., ad- 
journ at will. Meet at 7^ p. m., adjourn at will. 

On motion, the courtesy of the floor of the Convention 
•was extended the press of Winston and Salem and such 
other journals that may send representatives. 

The Convention then took a recess until 2 p. m. 

Afternoon Session. 

The Convention was called to order by the President, 
Prayer by Elder S. H. Thompson. 

Visiting brethren were invited to seats, and the following 
responded. Rev. Dr. F. A. Douglass, Corresponding Secre- 
tary of the American and Foreign Bible Society ; Rsv. Dr. 
.J. L. M. Curry, President of the Foreign Mission Board of 
the Southern Baptist Convention ; Rev. Dr. W. H. McIntosh, 
Corresponding Secretary of the Home Mission Board of the 
Southern Baptist Convention ; Rev. \Vm. Beavins, from the 
Portsmouth Association of New Hampshire; Rev. D. W. 
Thomason, of the South Carolina Convention. 

The President appointed the Pastor and Deacons of Wins- 
ton church, together with Elders Baldwin and Gwaltney, 
as a committee on Religious Exercises. 

Baptist State Convention. li 

The Secretary read the following 


To THE Baptist State Convention : 

The report of the Secretary of our Board, wliile not showin<^ very much 
aggressive work during- the past year, shows th;it the SiuKlaj' selioul lias 
taken permanent liokl upon our people, and is rapidly becoming a tixed 
part of church work. Having no missionary in the field and but little 
funds to operate on, we may very well regard the work reported as evi- 
dence of successful growtii, aiid cause for profound thankfulness. 

Tlie Sunday School Convention at Asheviile so impressed those who 
attended tliat it was agreed there to hold another during next, year in 
Raleigh, and we feel quite sure these gatiierings will grow more and 
more popular and become an cstablishrd annual gathering that siiall 
prove, under the blessing of God, a great power in our State. 

Our Secretary has been very active in iiis work and to him more than 
any body else is due our praise. 

Chm''u S. S, Boards 

To THE President and Members of the Sunday School Board: 

Dear Brethren: — The work done in this department of our vine- 
yard, in proportion to the amounts expendi-d in it, is wonderful. All 
over the State n&w schools have been organized, and the faithful Sunday 
School army has been battling nobly for the cause of King Emmanuel. 
The contributions sent up to the Board have not been so large as for the 
past few years, and yet tiie Lord of the harvest has blessed us bounti- 
fully. True*, we have been a little embarrasseil for want of funds a few 
times, — if we had had a sufficiency of means, we could have accomplished 
a great deal more,— and we would earnestly ask the churches thr()ughout 
the State to remember the necessities of tlie Sunday School Board. ^ 

A number of warm supporters of the cause have aided us very mate- 
rially during the year, for wiiich we extend our hearty thanks. Tnrough 
their liberality we have been enabled to eairy on the extensive work of 
the office, sending out hundreds of letters, have aided quite a large nina- 
ber of weak schools, and the reports sent up sliow that, while a few have 
suspended indefinitely, sixty-seven new schools have been organized. 
This is a grand work, and God will richly bless those who have mide 
sacrifices for its advancement. 

Our Sunday School Convention. 

At the kind invitation of the brethren at Asheviile, and in accordance 
with the instructions of the Convention at Goldsboro, we held a Baptist 
State Sunday School Convention in Asheviile last June, which was a 
grand success. A very large delegation was present, representing twen- 
t}'-four Associations, one innidred and tiiirty-five Sunday schools and 
forty-five counties. Di.scussions were had upon various topics bearing 
upon the Sunday School intei'est, in which quite a number of brethren 
participated. This Convention was composed of representatives fi-om 
both our Baptist Conventions, and there is reason to believe that a great 
work was accomplished. The next session will be held in the city of 
Raleigh, the time being left with the Sunday School Boards of the two 

12 Minutes of the 

OuK Office 

IsPtill fiiniisInMl with «ovt'r;il very v.iliiiible periodicals t/ralin; a,inonij 
tiu'in '• Kind H'urds,^' *' linpliat Teacher^"' " Sunday School Tiin<s,^^ 
" Voinif/ Heaper,''^ '' Our Young People.^" " The IVidi-hmni,"' ''' JUblical 
Bccordn-,^^ " Aluhuinti liaplist,'' antl ' Transcript and Mmsemjer." 

In this cnmifclion ;ilio\v me to siip:;^cst to yoii th:it yon asl\ tiie Coii- 
vciitioii to .■Jiippl}' yon witli a snfH(-i<'iicy of nn*:ins to pnrohiisc a lot of 
book*, maps and Snnday School litt'ratnro generally, so a< to have such 
tliinijs on sale in oiu- own State, that we may furnish schools needing 
such thiigs with all necessary appliance,*. 

Statistical. Statement. 

<'ircnm?tancos render it imp^.i^ihle to give the exact nnmlu-r of Siiii- 
d.iy schools in operation in onr State. However, the iinmljer can be 
pretty closely approximated, and n)y investigations iiave led me to the 
following conclusion : 

Number of school^ at last report n.50 

Number disbanded (about) 2") 

New schools organized rt7 

Presi'Ut number (about) fi92. 

Number of attendants supposed to be 4S.O0O 

There are several of our Associations which have more Sunday schools 
than they have churches, aiul yet there are nearly one hundred and fifty 
churches this side the Blue Ridge without schools. 

Financial Statement. 

Tiie Board has received from all sources ^1..390 01 

The expenses of the Board have been 1.259 7.> 

Leaving a balance in the Treasury of .....$ 130 26 

Assets of the Board, including furniture, stationery, etc 100 00 

Total amount on hand $ 231 -i) 

In addition to tlicse amounts, at $G,000 have been raised and ex- 
pended bv individual schools and Sunday School institutes, making a 
total receipt of .$7,390.01. 

May Gcd incline our hearts to do even more for this important part of 
our benevolence, and speed the day when every Christian shall be en- 
gaged, directly or indirectly, in this great, this glorious work ; and may 
wtTsoon realize what we so earnestly hope for; "A Sunday School in 
every Baptist church and neighborhood in North Carolina."" 
Respectfully submitted, 


Cor. Sec. S, S. Board. 

When, on motion, the farther consideration of the report 
wa.s made the special order for to-morrow morning at 10 

Elder C. E. Taylor submitted the following 


It is with gratitude to God that your Board is able to report a year of 
enlarged work, aud of unembarrassed finances. During the spring term 

Baptist State Convention. 13 

of the current j'ear, eighteen young ministers were aided at the College. 
Of these, four graduated at the last Commencement. During the present 
term twenty-three have received assistance up to date,— twenty-one at 
Wake Forest, and two at our Seminary in Louisville. Some idea of the 
growth of our work may be obtained from the fact that more young 
brethren have been aided in securing education since your last meeting 
than during the tirst fifteen years of the life of the Convention. From 
18:50 to 1848 the average number of those aided annually by tlie Board 
was two. The comparison is most gratifying, and is a hopeful prophes}'' 
for the future history of the Convention. The twenty-three young 
preachers represent thirteen Associations. They are now pursuing their 
studies with diligence and success. A larger proportion than usual are 
taking a regular course, and several are in the more advanced 
The beneticiaries of the Board, together with the other young ministers 
of College, meet together weekly for discussion, and mutual criticism. 
During the past summer most of them performed valuable missionary 
work in various parts of the State. We look with peculiar and tender 
intei'est upon these young brethren in their struggles and sacrifices, and 
anticipate with hopeful expectation their labors and large success. Your 
Board has endeavored to be faithful in the discharge of its responsible 
and delicate duties, and it is believed that aid has been aftbrded in no 
case where there is not reasonable promise of usefulness, and real neces- 
sity for assistance. They crave the sympathy and advice of the brethren, 
and most earnestly solicit the candid views of all who are in position to 
give information or aid their decisions. 

The receipts of the Board for the year have amounted to $3,405.63. 
This is in advance of anj^thing that has ever bd-n done by the Baptists 
of North Carolina in a single jear for this object. During the first 
eighteen years of the history of the Convention, the aggrciiate amount 
raised for the education of the ministry was 63,718.09. This is onlv 
$252.46 in excess of what has b en contributed by the cliurches since 
your last meeting. In this we have a most cheering indication of the 
increased interest of our people in the improvement of their ministry. 
The debt of $600.00 reported at the last Convention lias been paid, and 
the expenses of the current session, up to date, have been met. Bur, in 
view of our increased expenses, growing out of our enlarged work, it 
will be necessary for us to receive rei>ularly and promptly not less than 
fifty dollars per week. Failing in this, either some of our beneficiaries 
must be dismissed or a new debt must be made. Either alternative is 
to be deplored. Your Board, therefore, embraces this opportunit.y to 
urge upon the brethren, in whose behalf it is acting, its need of imme- 
diate and liberal contributions. In our business relations with our cred- 
itors, a large percentage can be saved and much annoyance avoided by 
prompt payment in advance. If the Board posessed a small working 
capital which would enable it to pa<s the "dead points" in its receipts, 
its work could be don • with more economy and less friction 

Upon a review of the history of the Convention for the last twenty- 
five years it will be clearly manifest that the labors of the Board have 
not been in vain. Many blunders, doubless, have been made, and far 
less has been accomplished than might have been done with 1 irger re- 
sources. And yet, not to mention those who have left the State or gone 
to their reward, there are to-day more than fifty pastoi-s in North Caro- 
lina who have been aided by your Board. Twelve of these are laboring 
in our towns, and more than forty are pastors of country churc'ies. 

It is believed that the churches will more and more seek an educated 
ministry. This must follow as a result of increased interest in general 
education. 'IMie fact tliat fifty-seven new school-houses have within the 
past twelve months been erected in one county of North Carolina is 

14 Minutes of the 

si-li^nitleant. The tiaiiiiiii,' of tlic piilplt must be in advance of ttio aver- 
auje traiiiii)<^ of those wlio ocrii|)y the i)o\vs. Of course thore will bt',3as 
there have been, many Avho both can and will educate themselves Hut, 
as lonff as God sees lit to call poor men into the ministry, so lonj^ will 
there be many whose only hojic for thorouj;!) traininfj must be in the aid 
rendered them ))y the cimrcln'.s. And when such men converted, con- 
secrated, and of <jo«)d report, as tliey enter the ministrv, ask for the cn- 
lari^ed powers of tisefulness that cilucation ^ives. your Board, repre- 
sentini: the vast Baptist brotherhood of North Carolina, knows not how 
to refuse, save as the means are withheld by the churches, 

Vor. Sec. Board of Education. 
Wake Forest, Nov. 2, 1881. 

Pending the adoption of the report, the same was, upon 
motion, made the special order for Friday morning at 10 

The President announced the following committee to 
take into consideration certain resolutions adopted at the 
last session of the Southern Baptist Convention, to-wit : El- 
ders Theo. Whitfield, J. B. Taylor, F. H. Jones, F. H. 
IvEY and T. E. Skinner. 

The Secretary read the following report of the Mission 
Board : 


To THE Baptist State Convention of Xorth Carolina : 

Brethren: — Ft is with real pleasure we present to you the report of our 
active and efheient Secretary, wliicli will set before you some of the re- 
sults of the year's work. In tliis report, imperfect as it must of necessity 
be, tiiere is enou;;li to encourai^e each of us to greater zt^al and labors in 
till! Master's service, and we here record our feelinsrs of profound f^rati- 
tude to God, the Great Head of the Church, for His gracious blessings 
upon the work of the I^oard and its missionaries. He has richly rewarded 
the labor of our hands and given the word preached free access to the 
hearts of the people. 

Tile Board returns its thanks to the largely increased number of min- 
isters and churches who have co-operated with us, and generously aided us 
by their prayers and gifts. Under God, the great work committed to us 
mii-t be done by the pastors of the churches and our brethren and sisters 
of tiie churches who love the Master. To these during the past year the 
Board and its officers have not appealed for help in vain. They have 
nobly and promptly helped us, and the Board of Missions is privileged to 
report to the Convention that all of its twenty-six missionaries are paid, 
and that there is a balance of $262. 5:j in the Treasury. 

All this has been done by free will oft'erings of a large number of giv- 
ers, a number that increases with the work and with each year of the 

The voluntary work of the pastors in destitute fields, during the year 

baptist Sta,te Convention. 15 

lias beea as extensive and as much blessed as it was last year, but we 
have been unable to obtain such statements from i bo=e who have thus 
labored, as would enable us to report the special titlds occupied la the 
work done. 

The work of the Correspondh)g Secretary has greatly increased since 
our last report. lie has written hundreds of letters and thousands of 
postal cards to the pastors of the churches and to the workint; brethren, 
in addition to the regular correspondence witli the mi^^sionaries and tlieir 
fields of labor. During clie year his hands and his heart have been tilled 
Avith work. This work he has done almost gratuitiously, and done well. 

The expenses of tlie Board, in addition to what we pay our missiona- 
ries, are quite small. Our office rent is $20 per year, the rent of the 
office being shared by the Sunday School and Foreign Mission Boards; 
we pay Bro. Ray $15 per month. Those who are familiar with his work 
know how well tliis outlay pays us. We know of no one who can do his 
work so well; to him, in a very large measure, is due the credit for our 
being: able to report the Board, not only out of debt, but with a balance 
of $26->.53 in the Treasury, and all expenses paid. Who of us ever ex- 
pected to hear such a report from the Board of Mi>:sions ? 

W. H. PACE, Pres. Board, 

To the President and Members of the Board of Missions : 

Deae Brethren :— I herewith hand j'oii a brief summary of the re- 
sults among our Baptist Zion for the past fiscal year. Our hearts were 
so much encouraged by tlie report made at the Convention in Goldsboro 
last year, that you felt constrained to make greater efforts during the 
present year, to " lengtiien your cords and strengthen your stakes." A 
greater number of missionaries was appointed and $520 larger appropria- 
tions made than at any previous time in our historj', and yet all oiu- lia- 
bilities have been met^ and we have a balance in the treasury. You have 
literally taken the Almighty at his word and "'tried" Him; and He has 
"" oi>ened the windows of heaven and poured'''' us out a blessing. This 
has been au unusually trying year, and great fears were entertained, lest 
our brethren would fall off in their contributions to our benevolent enter- 
prises. But instead of tliis, all our Boards, except one, have been better 
sustained than ever before. For the particulars ot: the work, I refer yon 
to the Statistical iStatejnent and Reports from the Field hereto annexed. 

Just here allow me to express my gratitude to the host of brethren all 
over the State who have come up so nobly to my assistance in raising 
the money necessary to settle our liabilities before the meeting of 
the Convention^ It is also a subject of congratulation, that there is a 
growing interest felt over the State in the great work in which we are 
engaged, and a larger proportion of our membership is contributing to its 
support. The work has spread in every directi<m. From all parts of 
our commonwealth there come up the most cheering reports of gracious 
outpourings of Code's Spirit upon the labors of our ministers and mission- 
aries. Hundreds of special meetings have be-en held all through the 
•countJ-y witli the most glorious results, and there is scarcely a town of 
any size in the State which has not had one of these special visitations 
under the|,preaching of our Baptist ministry. As the result of these 
meetings more than six thousand souls have professed conversion, and 
about five thousand have been added to our membership. Our colored 
brethren have also been greatly blessed and will have baptized not less 
than nine thousand converts during the year. The very thouglit of these 
things fills our sowls unutterably full, and we can onlv exclain:i, from the 
depths of our hearts, To God bi all the praise, for He ''hatli ({qwq won- 
derful things for us, whereof we are glad." 

16 Minutes of the 


But our hearts satldoii aiuT wo are spurred on to reuowed efforts and 
greater earnestues-;, when we look out upon the destitution wliieli greets 
us from many (piarters and from which the Macedonian cry comes up» 
" Come over ami help us !" Notwithstandinir the grand ellbrts put forth, 
in connection witli the brethren of tht; Tar River Association, to supply 
that much neglected portion of our State, the Pamlico region, there are 
still more than a dozei. counties on our eastern border and along the fer- 
tile valleys of the Roanoke, Tar and Xeuse rivers, whicli are almost en- 
tirely destitute of the gospel as we believe it, and there is not an average 
of one 2)i'cachcr to the county, and the number of churches is nearly as 

Nor is this all. There are hundreds of square mil(!S along our northern 
border, besides the large extent of territorj" alotig the beantifid vallej' of 
the (Catawba from the South Carolina line to the foot of the Blue Ridge, 
large portions of Randolph, Davidson, Rowan, Stanly, Cabarrus, Meck- 
lenburg, Lincoln and Gaston counties, together with vast belts lying be- 
tween manj' of our largest Associations, which are without Baptist 
preaching and in some cases without preaching of any kind. In some of 
these sections Mormonisra, Universalism, and almost every other kind 
of ism are trying to gain a footiiold among the people. And they are 
crying to your Board to give them the gospel. Will you do it? Last 
year we had to refuse aid to a number of calls, for want of the meaas, 
God grant that this may not be the case again the forthcoming year. 


The work of the office has very greatly increased. I find that by 
correspondence a great deal of good can be accomplished. Tiie people 
need information with reference to our benevolent operations, and I have 
vet to find the Baptist congregation which will not contribute liberally to 
these enterprises, when properlj^ presented. The Baptists of North Car- 
olina are a liberal people, because they are a converted people. My work, 
in connection witii the labors for the Sunday School Board, has necessi- 
tated the use; of six fhoitsmid and three A «?if//'erf postage stamps during the 
year. This will give some conception of the magnitude of the office work. 
Besides this, I iiave traveled about two thousand miles in the interest of 
the Boards, and attended several Associations, Union Meetings and Sun- 
day School Institutes. 


The number of missionaries under the general supervision of the Board 
this year has been 26. of which 11 have been sustained by Associational 
Boards, and comraissioneil by the State Board. And the success of the 
year's work, under God, is due very largely to the ciiaracter of our mis- 
sionaries. Tiiey are Jirst class men, (and you can aflbrd to appoint no 
other kind.) And yet they have denied themselves tiie comforts of home, 
in several cases refusing larger salaries, and, upon very meagre support, 
gone out into the harvest field to glean for tlie Master, trusting to God 
and the liberalit}' of the brethren for the necessaries of life. And not 
one has been disappointed. 


Elder R. R. Moore has been occupying a very large field in Guilford 
and Stokes counties, preaching to 3 churches and at (Joutstations. He 
reports &S sermons up to the first of August, 42 prayer meetings attended, 
and several hundred families religiously visited. There are & Sunday 

Baptist State Convention: 17 

Schools in his field, and lie says he " never felt more encouraged to work 
for his Master." 

Elder Finkney Oliver is also at work in the western part of the Asso- 
ciation. Besides supplying one chiircli, he also preaches at several other 
important points. He reports 26 sermons, 29 religious visits and one 
Sunday School. He says, " We expect to protract a meeting in ISTovem- 
ber. Our congregations are good and increasing. While our progress is 
slow, it is sure, I trust." 


Elder J. T. Brasington has been preaching at Matthews, 12 miles south 
of Charlotte, two Sundays In each month. Besides this, he has two other 
churches in tlie same section wliere he has done a great deal of good. At 
one of them he reports 16 professions, and a meeting in progress at an- 
other. He has preached about 90 sermons, and feels very much encour- 
aged at tlie prospects on liis field. 

Elders E. L. Davis, J. E. King, A C. Davis and J. L. Bennett liav« 
also done good missionary work in tliis Association, but they were labor- 
ing simply under the direction of their Executive Board and have made n» 
report to me. 


This Association has been conducting most of its own missionary work, 
but the State Board gave Elder W. T. Jordan an appointment to labor 
one-fourth of his time at Shoe Heel and Alma. He reports good congre- 
gations and a Sunday School numbering 30 at Alma. Tiiey expect t© 
build a church at one of these points during the next year. 


Elder N. B. Cobb has been stationed at Chapel Hill this year, from 
which point he has sent us some encouraging reports. His hejiltli has 
been very poor most of the spring and summer, but we trust great good- 
has been accomplislied. He reports nearly 100 sermons and more than 
fo religious visits, besides attending quite a number of prayer meetings. 
The Sunday School has grown greatly in numbers and efficiency during 
tte past year, and .«ome of the young men have organized a branch school 
a few miles in the country. 

Elders J. P. Mason, W. L. Wright and J. M. Hilliard have also beea 
engaged in missionary work a part of their time, reporting to the Execu- 
tive Board of the Association. As a result of their work, a churcli lias 
been recently organized at Bed Mountain with 16 members, and they 
expect soon to build. 


Elder T. Harrison has been preaching at Rockingham, and occasio.nally 
at Hamlet. He reports 133 sermons preached, 47 baptisms, 9 re(x^ived 
by letter, and $127.70 raised for benevolence. There are four tlonrisliiag 
Sunday Schools on his field, with 300 attendants. He says, " I'he out- 
look in my ctiurches is very encouraging. The work of the past year 
has been very successful, and all the churches are in better working order 
than tliey have been for a long time." 


Elder J. L. Smith has been doing a good work within the bounds of 
this body. His labors have not been full}^ reported to me, and yet the 
part reported is very encouraging. He has served 5 churches and 2 out- 


18 Minutes of toe 

stations, and up to tlii* end of the first quarter had ba|)tized 15 peroonsi, G 
of whi(.'li were at one of the stations. He has preaciied 75 or inon? ser- 
mons and paid about 200 religious visits. Tliere are two Sunday Scliools 
on liis lieltl. 

Elder A. D. Colien lias also labored a part of the year at Pittsboro 
under the direcliou of the Executive Board, but his work was not reported 
to rae. • 


Elder A. L. Stough is laboring at Liucolnton, from which he goes out 
and preaelies at 4 other places. At IIoorei-'s Staml he held a meeting 
the last of July, after which he baptized 10, one gentleman 73 j-ears old 
and his wife Go. Tliey expec: to organize a cininh soon, and have 30 to 
begin witli. Near Iron Station tiie prospect is good, and there are al)out 
40 persons there ready to go into the constitution of a diurch. At Salem 
he has had a grand meeting at which he baptized 20 or more, a-ul they 
have built a i ew house. At Kidd's Chapel he has baptized 10. About 
40 were added to liis churches witliin one month. " Some of our oppo- 
nents saj' that we are bound to take the country soon." * * "Lincoln 
county was for many years considered a hopeless field for the Baptists. 
I have not heard of any revivals in this county this year except among 
the Baptists." 

Elder J. Iv. Jones has done an excellent work for Jesus at Ilickorj-, 
Xewton and Morganton, (the last named place being in the Catawba 
Kiver Association.) besides preacliing at three stations in the adjacent 
country. He has lield tln-ee protracted meetings on his Held, one of tliem 
" in a neighborhood where some of the people never heard a Bapti.«t min- 
ister preach before. We had a ver}' good meeting," he says *' My im- 
pression is that a Baptist church can be built in that neighborhood at no 
distant day." The other two meetings were at Hickory and Morganton, 
and several were added to the membership. The church house at Hick- 
ory is about finished, and they are at work plastering at Morganton. 
There is no organization at Kewton, but a good outlook for such a work. 


Elder Henry Sheets from this Association writes : " I preached 6G ser- 
mons in 10 4-7 weeks, supplied 1 church and 8 outstations, attended 8 
praj'er meetings and visited 241 families relifjiously ; sold 25 Bibles and 
Testaments. There are 8 copies of the BmicuL Recorder taken on my 
field, and 1 received i;S8.10 for my s( rvices. Our missionary operations 
seem to be in a healthy condition." Our Board has never come up with a 
debt on its hands. Seeds have been sown which will in the near future 
be reaped for God." 

Elder J. B. Richardson labored during three quarters as missionary at 
Higli Point and at two stations in the adjacent county. At one of these 
there is a prospect of building a house at ai^i early daj-. High Point is a 
growing town, and it is well worth the attention of the denomination. 
Bro. Eichardson resigned as missionar}', owing to an engagement made 
with Maj. Lynch of that town, to assist him in his school. Their church 
has been nearly completed, and they only need a good man now to take 
hold of the work in earnest. During the year Bro. R. had Elder W. A. 
Xclson, D. U., to assist him in a meeting which resulted in good to the 
church and community. 


The Board also assisted the church at Hendersonville in supporting its 
pastor, Elder D. B. Xelson. By this arrangement they were enabled to 
have preaching every Sunday, instead of only twice a month, as they 

Baptist State Convention. 19 

formei-ly did. Assisted by Elder E. F. Baldwin, he held a protracted 
meeting which resulted in thirty-live professed conversions. Two prayer 
meetings liave been organized in Jiidson College, one for the j'oung men, 
and the other for tlie young ladies, besides the regular weekly prayer- 
meeting of tiie cliurch. During the year Bro. Nelson has preached eighty- 
two sermons, paid one hundred and seven religious visits, attended thir- 
ty-five prayer-meetings, baptized twenty-three and added by letter nine- 
teen. There is a flourishing Sunday school at the church and the out- 
look is very hopeful. The cliurch now numbers one liundred and four- 
teen members, is self-sustaining and has called a pastor for all his time. 


Eld. J. B. Boone preaches twice a month at Salisbury where we Iiave 
had an organization for a number of years, but no liouse of worship. 
They have,' therefore, been reduced to the necessity of renting a hall, in 
which they were not permitted to hold Sunday school. This, with other 
glaring necessities, drove tliem to begin the erection of a house. A lot 
was purchased in a good location and the work has l>een since pushed 
with vigor, mitil now "the brick work is completed, tlie roof is on and 
covered and the carpenters are still at work and the plastering is under 
contract." They have expended fifteen hundred dollars on the building 
and now need five liundred dollars to finish it. Four have been added to 
the memberstiip by letter. There is a bright outlook for the little church, 
and the time is not far distant when a settled pastor will be necessary. 

Eld. T. J. Eooke is preaching at Mooresville and six other places along 
the Charlotte and Statesville Railroad. He has preached one hundred 
and twenty sermons, organized one churcli and nearly completed a house 
of worship for the same. He writes: " My field is a very extensive one, 
running from about eight miles from Charlotte, to about six miles of 
Statesville, a distance of thirty-four miles. Directly on the line there is 
only one Baptist church, and, in the country adjacent, only two others, 
situated respectively at five and seven miles from the railroad." The 
cause is makitig lieadway slowlj", and there is yet much in store for this 

Elder W. J. Fulford has also be«n laboring within the bounds of tliis 
Association at South River clnu-ch. The interest was begun here in 
March, 1879, and preaching has been had rhere monthly until October, 
1880, when a churcli was organized with six members. Now they num- 
ber twenty-nine. They have commenced to build a house of worship 
and expect to complete it by the opening of the Spring. 


No part of the State is making greater eftorts to extend the Redeem- 
er's kingdom than this. The vast destitution all around her borders has 
driven her to almost superhuman endeavors to overthrow the powers of 
darkness. This active body of earnest christians raises annually $2,000 
to be expended in its bounds for missionary operations, besides hundreds 
of dollars for other objects. 

Elder W. P. Blake is stationed at Weldon, whence he goes out to Hal- 
ifax and Toisnot, on the W. & W. R. R., also preaching at 4 out-stations. 
He has preached 82 sermons, delivered 7 Sunday School addresses, visi- 
ted religiously 349 families, baptized 2, added G by letter, assisted in or- 
ganizing 2 churches and attended 38 prayer meetings. The outlook at 
Weldon is encouraging. Their house of worship is habitable and they 
have a Sunday School. At Halifax they have a nice cliurch, and atTois- 
not they are preparing to build-, having recently organized the church. 
Since the first quarter, Bro. Blake has been preaching also at Rocky 

so Minutes of the 

Mount, where they have quite a Imudjjome buihlin^ in process of erec- 
tion. Elder Jos. JE. Carter labon-d liere until the iii(M-ca.siii<f interest iu 
the work at Tarhoro oailrd iiiin to devote more of \\U time to that place. 

Eld. .J. I). Ilnfham has done a j^rand woik. not (;idy at Wdiiamstou 
Tvhere lie iia« been preaehin-,', but his iiillnence U felt all ovi-r the vast 
areaeoveretl by the Association. Tlie Baptists of the State, and particu- 
larly of this section, owe a debt of gratitude to Bro. Ilufham for the 
glorious work he has done among them. But let his " own works praise " 

Fuitherdown, we find Eld. F. R. lJnderwoo<l. His field of labor lies 
aloui,' the Roanoke river in Martin and Washington counties. He 
preaeiies two .Smidays in the month at Hamilton and one each at Ply- 
month and Tine Forest, devoting the afternoons to two ont«tations iti 
the vicinity of Hamilton. He has also made tours into Tyrrell and Beau- 
fort counties. He has preached one hundri'd .sermons, and made one 
hundred religious visits, and organized one Sunday school. The chin-eh 
at Plymouth is undergoing repairs made necessary by a destructive storm 
which passed through that section some time since. 

Going across the country we find Elder Thomas Carrick extending his 
labors from Greenville to Washington and Pactohis, on the Xeuse. He 
has preached 45 .sermons, made 50 religious vi'^its and attended prayer 
meetings almost weekly. He has recently hehl a series of meetings ak 
Washington, assisted by Elder J. E. Carter. Large crowds listened to 
the preaching of the word and not a little good was accomplished. He 
says : "'The cause in this destitute .section i.« looking up.'* 

Elder "W. B. Knight, whose field extends along the borders of Greene 
anid Pitt counties, preaches at 2 churches and 3 stations. He reports 80 
religious visits, 13 baptisms, 103 sermons and 22 prayer meetings atti-nd- 
ed. At Hancock church, in Pitt county, they had a gracious revival of 
religion, no protracted meeting, but simply the regular preaching. Sev- 
eral were converted and a good number added to the church. They 
have a building committee appointed, the ground .•^elected and part of 
the lumber sawed for a church house. At Snow Hill the house is well 
linished inside ; they will paint the outside soon. *' I think the outlook 
prosperous in my field,'' he sayg. 

Elder Jos. E. Carter labor-ed one quarter at Rocky Mount, where he 
did a grand work ; but being called by the pressing needs of the cause at 
Tarboro, he resigned the charge of Rocky Motuit and gave two Sundays 
to Tarboro, which has grown into a selfsustaining cluirch, and last year 
contributed $100 to missions. This is an excellent work. It will not be 
long ere they have a handsome house in Tarboro. 

Elder A. G. Willcox labors at Harrison's Siiops, Turkey Branch and 
Quankin Chapel, besides other stations iu the neighboring country. At 
Quankin a church has been recently organized with nine members, to 
which 6 others have been since added. Several hmidred dollars have 
been subscribed for building and the work will soon begin. At Turkey 
Branch 9 have been baptized during the year, and preparations are being 
made to build. "At another station active steps are being taken to build 
a house where we already have an organization. At still another the 
good Lord blessed us in a meeting -, nine were baptized and others to 

Elder J. A. Pitchford has labored at Aurelia Springs for the past two 
years. Within that time he has organized a church of 10 or 17 memb-irs. 
They have been and are still making efiorts to build a house tliere. 
Bro. P. has baptized from 40 to 70 souls per j'ear for the past 19 years ; 
he has baptized nearlj' 40 this year. 

Elder G. W. Coppedge has been at work on the border line between 

Baptist State Convention. 21 

Wiinvn anf] Nash counties. He has done a good work, but has not fui- 
siislied me with exa-et statements of what has been done. 

Ehler G. M. Dul<e is stationed at Nashville and Battleboro, and has 
several other stations besides, but has failed to report his labors. 


Eld. C. C. Haj-more has preached twice a month for the church at Mt. 
Airy. He reports ninetj'-four sermons, twelve baptisms, and two addi- 
tions bj-- letter. He says: " Our prospect to build up tlie Baptist cause 
iit the present is very good. My work is more encouraging than at any 
previous time this year. Mt- Airy is a beautiful little mountain town 
and should, by all means, have the hearty support of the brethren and 
of the Board. 


Eld. E. X. Gwyn has been employed as missionary to labor in the 
bounds of this newly organized Association. He reports one hundred 
and eleven sermons, one hundred and eighty religious visits, one Imn- 
dred and thirty-seven days of labor, fifteen hundred and fortj'-six miles 
traveled. He writes: "Isucfeeded in the constitution of a church on 
south fork of Reddie's river, with twenty-nine members. The brethrea 
there wished the work continued. In that rich and beautiful valley on 
the nortli fork of the river is also a« inviting field in v/hich to organize a 

Other brethren have labored in various pirts of the State as missiona- 
xies, whose labors have been reported to tlieir respective Associations ; 
among them Elders S. Gilmore, in the Sandy Creek; R. I. Deviii, in the 
Flat River; J. W, Collins, in the Little River; R. Newton, in the South 
River; Alvin Betts, J. C. Maynard and J. K.Howell, in the Raleigh; E. 
C. Williams and J. C. Hodge, in the Rocky River; J. B. Marsh, in the 
South Yadkin ; O. C. Hoiton, in the Chowan ; aud M. V. McDuffie, in 
the Tar River. 


Associations corresponding with the Baptist State Convention, 26 

Number of churches in these Associations in 1880, 7G7 

New churches organized this year, 27 

Whole number of churches in iSSl, 794 

•Communicants in these churches in 1880, 78,000 

Additions in 1881, 5,000 

Professed conversions under Baptist preaching in North Caro- 
lina in 1881, more than 6,000 

Associations in Western Baptist Convention, 10 

Number of churches in Western BaptLst Convention, 259 

Communicants in Western Baptist Convention, « 17,002 

Number of Baptists in North Carolina corresponding with State 

Conventions of Virginia, Tennessee an i South Carolina,.... 3,000 

Whole number Missionary Baptists (white) in the State, 103,002 

■Qolored Baptist Associations, , 31 

Colored Baptist churches, 866 

Colored Baptist communicants 8?, 816 

Whole number Missionary Baptists in North Carolina, 191,812 


The Board has received from all sources, $2,372 90 

Liabilities of the Board, 2,llu 37 

Leaving a balance in the Treasury of $ 262 53 

22 Minutes of the 

In addition to tlii?,, tlio Executive Boards of tliP various Associutions, 

togetlitT witli tlic Union mec'tin<rs, and individual clinrclies, have raised 

and fxpendt'd lar<?o amounts, 'wtiich can only be approximated. They 
are as follows ; 

Biulah Association $ 400 

BrierCreek, '' 200 

Brown Creek, '' 400 

Brushy Mountain, " 150 

Cape Fear. *' r>(»0 

Catawba Kiver, "■ 250 

Cedar Creek, " 300 

Centnil, " 1,500 

Chowan, " 1,000 

Eastern, '' 500 

Elkin, " 150 

Flat River, " 500 

Green River, " 200 

King's Mountain, " . 300 

T.ibertv, " 200 

Little River,. " 200 

3It. Zion, " ■ 4,000 

Pee Dee, " 2.50 

Raleigh, " 2,-500 

Rocky River, " 100 

Sandy Creek, " .300 

South Fork. " 200 

Soutli River,. " ., .50 

South Yadkin, " ♦ 1,250 

Tar River, " 8,000 

Yadkin, '•' 150 

$ 23.. 550 

Collected by Missionaries on the field, 2,797 67" 

Collected by Missionaries for church building, 5,200 00 

Paid for the erection of 40 new churches, allowing $750 as the 

average, 34,500 00 

Total amount expended upon mission work in the State ~$GS,429 57 


No department of our churcli work pays better than this. It has only 
bren about ninety jvars since our M(Klern Foreign Mission enterprise 
Avas begun b}- the "English Cobbler," AVilliiJm Carey Witiiin this 
short time tlie work has been prospered in an almost incredible degree. 
Tie Buddhist nunneries of China have all been closed by imperial order,. 
s»ays the '" Missionarij Journal,'''' and sixty tliousand people in Southern 
India "have forniali_v renoimced Hindooism." Th(! king of Siam has 
Issued a proclamation, granting religious liberty throughout his realm. 
In Central Africa King Mtesa has released his slaves and calls for the 
observance of the Christian Sabbath. There is a store in Japan for the 
sale of the Scriptures. In Southern Africa the wiiole population of a 
vilhige l)ave removed the idols from their temples and professed Cliris- 

Our Italian mission has been wonderfully prospered, under the labors 
of Dr. Taylor and otliers. Twenty-tive years ago there were only one 
hundred JBaptists in Sweden. Now there are twenty thousand. They 
also have eighteen thousand children in Sunday school. In fact God i* 
verifying His promise to his Sou to give him " the heatlien for h'm inherit- 

Baptist State ConventioD. 23 

ance and the uttermost parts of the earth for a possession." The Sand- 
wich and Fiiji Islands liave heen converted from cannibals to Christian- 
itj' within the past few decades. And there are to-day in India, Ceylon 
and Burmah ^ve hundred thousand native Christians ! The Baptists have 
in A«ia one hnndred and sixty-two missionaries, sis hundred and sixteen 
native preachers, four hundred and seventy-five churches and forty thou- 
sand and eighty-nine members, and there were thirty-one hundred and 
ninety-one baptisms last year. 

The amount of money sent up to the Treasurer during; the year is 
$3,545.81. Besides this, $245.74 have been sent directly to Dr. Tapper 
from the churches, making 83,791.55 hi all. This is a pretty good 
ing, but is not what it should be. 


Bro. Elias Dodson is still faithfully discharging his duties as Agent of 
the Home Mission Board, and is earnestly pleading the cause of the poor 
Indian, the unfortunate Cliinese along our Pacific coast and the heathen 
among the population of our own "Southern Sunny Land." He is do- 
ing a good work, and we would earnestly commend him to the bretlu-en 
all over the State. He has collected during the year $1,002.59. 
Besides this, $215.53 more have been sent up to our Treasurer direct. 
Respectfully submitted, JOHN" E. EAY, 

Cor, Sec. Board Mis. 

When, upon motion, so much of the report as refers to 
State Missions was made the special order for Thursday at 
2 p. m. ; so much as refers to Home Missions was made the 
special order for Saturday at 10 o'clock, and so much as re- 
fers to Foreign Missions was made the subject of a mass 
meeting on Thursday evening at 7J o'clock. 

The President announced the following committees: 

Finance— B. F. Mitchell, J. S. Allen, B. H. Phillips. 

Time and Place of Next Session— F. H. Jones, J. B. Richard- 
son, C. C. Haymore. 

To Nominate Preachers for Next Session— P. A. Dunn, H. 
TV.Rcinhardt, F. P. Ilobgood. 

The following report of the Treasurer was read by the 
Secretary, and, on motion, the report was adopted. 


Minutes of the 


Report of E. F. Montague, Treasurer Baptist State Contention of 
North Carolina, from Nov. I2lh, ISSO, to Nov. \8t, 1881 : 

Domestic Missions. 

On hand from hist report.. .. 

Amount received 

Paid K. Dodson 

Paid Willi!! m H. Mcintosh. 
Paid II. F. lUiclsner 

On hand. 

California Missions. 

Amount received 

Paid William H. Mcintosh. 

Orpbam Asylum. 

Amount received.-.. 

Paid Citizen's Nat. Bank for J. H. Mills, Superintendent.. 

Clinrclt Extension. 

On hand from last report 

Amount receivetl 

Paid Thef>. Whitfield for Charlotte church 

Paid .1 }i. Boone lor Sali.'^burv church 

Paid J. B. Boone for Statcsvil'lc church , 

Paid .1. D. Hufham for Rocky Mount Church 

Paid .1. M. Brousihton for Second church, Raleigh 

Paid J. S. Purefoy for "Wingate Hall (Wake Forest College)... 

On hand. 

Associational Missions. 

Amount received from Raleigh Association to be expended 

within its bounds 

On hand '. „ ™ „... 


On hand from last report.. 
Amount received 

Paid William B. Royal, Treasurer Board Education.. 

Paid Charles E. Taylor (at Convention 1880) 

Paid P. O. box rent 4th quarter 

Sunday Schools. 

On hand from last report. .„ 

Amount received „ 

Paid Fillmore Bros., Song books 

Paid Alfred Williams & Co., Sunday School supplies.. 

Paid John E. Ray. Cor. Sec, salary to Nov. 1, 1881 

Paid B. Griffith, Sunday School supplies 

Amount carried forward. 



15 loo 

! 202.35;^ 

2^VJ 22?< 

2,727 9.5 ■' 

111 71 


s 21; 

1.50 00 


3 87 00 



Baptist State Convention. 25 


Amount brought forward 

Paul " Kind Words" lor papers 

Paid Lauers & Yost, Sunday School blackboards 

Paid B. F. Montague, Treas., ^salary to Nov. 1st, 1881. 

Paid W. W. Whitnpy. Song Books 

Paid Corresponding Secretary for postage .., 

Paid N. B. Cobb Pres., for telegram at Convention.. 

Paid R. B. Andrews J^ office rent 

Paid Edwards, Broughton & Co., printing 

Paid Post Office box rent, first quarter, 1881 

Paid traveling expenses for Corresponding Secretary... 

On hand. 

Foreign Missions. 

On hand from last report 

Amount received 

Paid H. A. Tupper, Corresponding Secretary 

Paid Edwards, Broughton & Co., printing 

Paid traveling expenses for Corresponding Secretary 

Paid postage for Corresponding Secretary 

Paid P.. F Montague, Treas., !4 salary to Nov. 1, 18S1.. 

Paid Board Education, (received by mistake) 

Paid William Biggs, Recording Secretary 

Paid R. B. Andrews % office rent 

Paid Alfred Williams & Co., ledger 

Paid Post Office box rent, 2nd and 3rd quarters 

On hand. 

State missions. 

On hand from last report 

Aniount received 

Paid J. B. Boone 

Paid A. L. Stough 

Paid W.T.Jordan 

Paid W. B. Knight 

Paid C. C. Haymore 

Paid N. B. Cobb 

Paid T. J. Rooke 

Paid D. B. Nelson 

Paid J. T. Brasington 

Paid T. Harrison 

Paid J. D. Huf ham 

Paid .J. B. Richardson....: 

Paid E. N. Gwyn 

Paid F. R. Underwood 

Paid J. R. Jones 

Paid Jolm E. Ray, Cor. Sec, salary to Nov 1, 1881 

Paid B. F. Montague. Treas., i<i salary to Nov. 1, 1881... 

Paid W. R. (iwaltney, traveling expenses 

Paid William Biggs l< salary as Recording Secretary. 

Paid R B. Andrews >§ office rent 

Paid Edwards, Broughton & Co., printing 

Paid Corresponding Secretary, postage 

Paid Post Office box rent, 1st quarter 

Paid Sunday School (received by mistake) 

Paid Sunday School (received by mistake) 

Paid Corresponding Secretary traveling expenses 

On hand 

Total receipts. 

3 12-1 

$ 427 

$ 153 



10 oii 




Raleigh, N. C, November 1st, 1881. 

I have carefully examined the accounts of B. F. Montague, Treasurer of the 
Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, find the same correct and sup- 
ported by proper vouchers. 

THOMA.S H. Briggs, Jr., 
Auditor of the Bap. State Convention of North Carolina. 

26 Minutes of the 

At the request of Bro. B. F. Montague, Treasurer, a com- 
mittee, consisting of Brethren C. Durham, C. T. Bailey, 
L. Chappell, J. M. ITiiCK and J. S. Allen, was appointed to 
consider the propriety of making the Treasurer a bonded 

It was resolved that the subject of Ministerial Education 
should be considered in mass meeting on Friday evening at 
7^ o'clock. 

The Convention then adjourned, with prayer by Elder 
W. L. Weight. 


The Convention assembled at 7^^ o'clock, to liear the In- 
troductory Sermon, which was preached by Elder T. E. 
Skinner. Text — Joshua 5th chapter, 13th, 14th, 15th verses. 


Thursday, November 10th, 18S1. 

After the usual devotional exercises, conducted by Elder 
A. C. Dixon, the Convention was called to order bj Vice- 
President J. C. Scarborough. 

Additional delegates were enrolled. 

Elder C, Durham submitted the following report, which 
was adopted : 

Your committee on the propriety of making the Trofisurer of this Con- 
vention a bonded officer, recommend tliat said officer be required to give 
to the legal representatives of this body a bond of $10,00i)for the faithful 
application of all the funds committed to his care. 

C. DURHAM, Chm'n. 

The hour of the special order having arrived, the report 

Baptist State Convention. 27 

of the Sunda}' School Board was considered and discussed 
by Brethen Ray, Bailey, Heck, Hufham, Skinner, Dixon, 
Reinhardt, Faulkner, Taylor and Douglass. 

Pending further action upon the report, the following res- 
olution, introduced by Bro. J. M. Heck, was adopted : 

Resolved, That the report of the Sunday School Board be referred to 
a committee of one from each Association. 

In accordance with the above resolution, the following 
committee was announced : 

F. H. .Jones, Benlah Association ; W. B. Harrell, Brown Creek Asso- 
ciation ; T. W. Ebeltoft, Cedar Creek Association; J. M. Heck, Central 
Association; Thos. G.Wood, Chowan Association; F. H. Ivey, Eastern 
Association; J. A. Stradley, Fiat River Association; J. A. White, 
King's Mountain Association ; H. AV. Reinhardt. Liberty Association ; C. 
Durham, Mt Zion Association ; J. S. Allen. Raleigh Association ; A. J. 
Patterson, Sandy Creek Association ; .J. B. Boone, South Yadldn Asso- 
ciation ; J. A. Mundy, Tar River Association ; C. C. Haymore, Yadkiu 

The President announced the following committees : 

To Nominate Board of Missions— C. T. Bailey, J. A. Stradley, 

E. Frost, J. B. Richardson, T. Whitfield. 

To Nominate Sunday School Board— J. M. Heck, T. G. Wood, 

F. P. Hobgood, D. A. Woodson. 

To Nominate Board of Education— C. E.Taylor, P. A. Dunn, 
J. A. Mundy, A. G. McMannaway. 

On Obituaries— T. Whitfield, F. H. Jones, E.L.Davis, E.Dodson, 
R. A. Patterson. 

On Periodicals— J. E. Carter, A. C. Dixon, P. Oliver, J. K. Faulk- 
ner, C. A. Jenkens. 

Dr. H. McDoNAND and Dr. A. E. Dickinson, editor of the 
Religious Herald, Richmond, Va., appeared and were wel- 
comed to seats in the Convention. 

The Convention took a recess until 2 o'clock. 

28 Minutes of the 

Afternoon Session. 

Convention called to order by Vice-President J. B. Hoone. 
Prayer by Elder C. A. Jenkens. 

The President announced the following committee on 
Home Missions: Elder J. E. Carter, Elder W. J. F( lford 
and Bro. J. E. Jones. 

Elder T. Whitfield, on behalf of a special committee, 
submitted the following report, which was adopted : 

Your ronuiiittpc, to whom was rpferreH certain rosoliitions afloptod by 
the Snutlicin Baptist Convention, would respectfuilj' recommend the 
iollowinff action : 

Tiiis (Convention hereb}' calls the attention of the State Mission Board 
to the following minutes of the Soutliern Baptist Convention, of .")tii — 9tli 
May, 1881, viz, p. 17 : 

" 1. Tliat the Boards of the Convention be directed to form the closest 
possible connection with the State Boards, where such exist, in such waj' 
as shall be mutuallj^ agreeable, and in other cases to secure such agency 
as each of the Boards may deem best; in both cases providing for neces- 
sary expenses incurred." 

" Resolved 1, That the different State Conventions and General Asso- 
ciations, constituents of the Southern Baptist Convention, arc herebj* re- 
quested to give special attention to tlie plan adopted, at this session, for 
reaching the masses of onr people ; and, 

2. That those Conventions and General Associations are respectfully 
and urgently invited to co-operate witii this Convention, through tlicir 
respective State Mission Boards, for the purpose of attaining the ends 

Furthermore, if said Board shall see fit to appoint a general agent in 
furtherance of these recommendations, it will have the approbation of 
this Convention. Kespectfully submitted, 




F. H. IVEY. 



The hour of the special order, namely, the consideration 
of that portion of the report of the Board of Missions reia- 
ting to State Missions, having arrived, the same was taken 
up and fully discussed by Brethren Dixon, Skinner, Eason, 
HuFHAM, Gwaltney, J. S. PuREFOY and others. 

At the conclusion of the discussion, pledges to the extent 
of $3,422.50 were made for the support of State Missions. 

ist Sta^te Convention, 


So much of the report as refers to State Missions was then 

The committee to nominate a Board of Missions reported 
as follows : 

BABB, T. W. 
COBB, N. B. 
COOK, ( '. M- 
DOOKEIiY, H. 0. 
DUNN, P. A. 

HECK, J. M. 
LEICtH, J. C. 
51O0RE, E. S. 

PACE. W. H. 
RAY, J, E. 

SHAW, N. L. 
WEBB, J. T. 
WOMBLE, J., Jr., 
WOOD, T, G. 

The report was adopted. 

The committee to nominate a Board of Education, re- 
ported as follows : 

ALLEN, vV'.O. 
BR(_)OKS, W. T, 
DUNN, P. A. 
DUNN, W. B. 
LEIGH, J, a 


VANN, A. R. 

The report was adopted. 

The following report was submitted by Bro. P. A. Dunn 
and adopted: 

The committee appointed to nominate preachers for the nest session, 
would report as follows : 

Elder C. A. Jenkeas to preach the Introductory Sermon ; Elder H. A. 
Brown Alternate. 

Elder J. E. Carter to preach the Missionary Sermon ; Elder J. B. 
Boone Alternate. 

P. A. DUJ^X, 




After prayer by Elder Hufham, the Convention ad- 
journed to meet in Mass Meeting at 7| o'clock. 

30 Minutes of the 

Night Session. 

According to anuouncement, the Convention met in 
Brown's Hall at 7\ o'clock in mass meeting, to consider that 
portion of the report of the Mission Board, relating to For- 
eign Missions. 

After singing the Hymn, "There is a fountain filled with 
blood," and prayer by Dr. H.* McDonald, the subject was 
discussed at length b}' Dr. F. A. Douglass, Corresponding 
Secretary of the American and Foreign Bible Society, and 
Dr. J. L. M. Curry, President of the Foreign Mission Board 
of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

A collection was then taken up for the support of Foreign 
Missions, amounting to §48.70 in cash and pledges. That 
portion of the report of the Mission Board under considera- 
tion was then adopted, and the Convention adjourned, with 
the benediction by Elder J. B. Taylor. 


Friday, November 11th, 1881. 

After the usual devotional exercises, conducted by Elder 
Wm. Beavins, the Convention was called to order by the 

Additional delegates were enrolled. 

Elder F. M. Jordan appeared, and was welcomed as Cor- 
responding Messenger of the Western Baptist Convention. 
Rev. Mr. Dodson, Pastor of the Methodist church of Wins- 
ton, appeared in the Convention, and was tendered the 
courtesy of a seat on the floor. 

The Secretary read the following communication : 

American Baptist Home Mission Society, 

New York, Xove ruber 4th, 1881. 
The American Bap(ist Home Mission Society, to Oie North Carolina Bap- 
tint State Convention. 
Dear Brethren : In 1882 the American Baptist Home Mission Soci- 
ety completes tifty years of its history. During this period its work has 

Baptist State Convention. 31 

been prosecntod in every part of the country, tlse past j'ear in forty- 
three States and Territories, also in Mexico. Th-e Societj' has been the 
mother of a multitude of churches and tlie helper of weak and strug- 
gling- interests. For actual missionary service the Society has paid about 
$1,700,000, and for educational work among tlie colored people and In- 
dians neaily $1,OOO,0CO. Last year o92 persons were commissioned, SO of 
whom were in tlie Soutliern States. The aggregate for missionary and 
educational work in the Southern States is nearly $1,800,000. In North 
Carolina it is $159,000. 

Naturally, tiierefore, tlie Society is interested in the progress of our 
common cause in your own borders as well as throughout the Soutli at 
large, and the great West also. We trust that on your part there is a 
reciprocal interest in the Society's work wherever it is prosecuted. 

It has seemed to many that the semi-centennial anniversaiy of the 
Societj' furnishes a fitting occasion for the manifestation of this mutual 
interest and for an interchange of views about our mission work in North 
America. Accordingly the Society, at the meeting in Indianapolis in 
1881, adopted the recommendation of the Board that "measures be taken 
to secure a representative gatliering in 1882 from all sections of the 
country in wliich the Society has prosecuted its work during the last fifty 
years, to review wliat has been wrought, and to deliberate concerning 
what is yet to be done." 

Pursuant to this action the Executive Board hereby fraternally in- 
vites the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina to appoint five 
representatives to sit With representatives of sister (Conventions in the 
semi-centenial meeting of the Society, in May, 1882, for joint conference 
concerning the strengthetung and extension of the Eedeemer's kingdom 
on this continent. 

Done by order and on behalf of the Board, 

H. L. Morehouse, 
CorveHponding Secretary. 

When, upon motion, the communication was referred to 
a special committee of five, consisting of Elders F. H. Ivey, 
W. R. GwALTNEY, C. T. Bailey, J. B. Taylor and J. D. 


The following telegram was read by the Secretary: 

Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 11th, 1881. 
To President of Baptist State Convention : 

Tennessee Baptist Convention now in session here sends christian sal- 
utations to her sister, the Baptist Convention of North Carolina. 

(Signed) W. A. MONTGOMERY, 


The President was, upon motion, instructed to send a 
repl}^ to the above dispatch. 

The Secretary read the following communication : 

Salem Academy, November 10, ISSl. 
Wm. Biggs, Sec''y Baptist State Convention : 
Dear Sir :— It affords me pleasure to extend a cordial invitation to 


Minutes of the 

mcnihtTs of tlio State Convention to visit the Salem Acailcin^v, an insti- 
tution intcrt'.-tin^ on account of its age. It is now in its 77ili year, and 
<loiil)tlis-ly iMiilfared to some of the gentlemen of the Alma Mater of 
motlici-, wiv s or sisters. 

Slioiill m.-niticrs of tlie Convention desire, I shall be hippy to meet 
them iit :iii\ lii.iir llii-y may designate after 2 o'clock on Satiinlay. 

Mr. iioii'llli.iicr, pastor of the Moravian church, will be glad at the 
same tiiin- to show wliatever there is of interest about tlie Moravian 
chureii md ceujetery, established here someone hundred and twenty- 
live years ago. 

I am, dear sir, yours truly, 

J. T. ZORX. 

The iuvittition, contained in the above, was accepted with 
thanks, and the Principal notified that the Convention 
would visit ins institution at 3 o'clock on Saturday after- 

Thu ht)ur of the special order was announced by the 
President, and tlie Secretary read the report of the Board 
of Education. The same was discussed by brethren C. E. 
Taylor, Skinner, Pritciiard, Carter and Ivey. 

Pledges were made in behalf of the Board of Education 
to the amount of $2,065.00 and a cash collection of $32.30— 
total, $2,097.30. 

The report was adopted. 

The committee to nominate a Sunday School Board, re- 
ported as follows : 

ALIiEN, J. s. 
BHUKiS, T. H., Jr. 
D(U»l», W. 11. 
Dk\ANK, ,LS. 

FLE>rMINa, U. D. 
FLEMMIKd, .s. H. 
FKKNcn, W. A. 
M.\RCOM,J. C. 

POOL, J. M. 
PEEL, W. J. 
HAY, .L K. 
SCARIi(>ROU<iH, J. C. 
VAS.>^, W. W. 

On motion, the name of Bro. J. M. Heck was added to 
the Board. The report was adopted. 

The Convention took a recess until 2 p. m. Benediction 
by Dr. Dickinson. 

^ptist State Convention 33 

Afternoon Session, 

The Oonveiition was called to order. Prayer by Elder 
J. B. Taylor. 

Bro. J. M. Heck submitted the following report: 

Your committee to whoai was entni&ted the consideratioa of the re- 
port of the Sunday School Board, beg leave to offer the following rec- 
ommendations .- 

1st. Resolved, That the Sunday School Board be instructed to raise, 
during the coming year, a sufficient capital to enable it to purchase and 
keep on hand a supply of the word of God, Sunday School literature, 
books, maps, papers, &c., in order that it may furnish our Sundaj^ 
Schools with the said literature, selling to all who can buy at the lovrest 
prices ; and also supplying, as far as iwssible and without cost to them, 
the destitute places witliin our borders. 

2nd. We earnestly recommend that all of our churches take up stated 
collections in behalf of their Sunday School Board. 

(Signed.) J. M. Heck, Central Association. 

F. H. Jones, Beulah " 

T. W. Ebeltoft, Cedar Creek, " 
T. G. Wood, Chowan " 

J, A. Stradley, Flat River ^' 
H. W, Reinhart, Liberty " 

J, S. Allen, Raleigh ' " 

J. B. Boone, South Yadkin '* 
C. C. IIaymore, Yadkin " 

W. B. Harrell, Brovrn Creek " 
F. H. IVEY, Eastern " 

J. A. White, King's Mountain " 
C. Durham, Mt. Zion " 

J. A. MuNDY, Tar River " 

The report was discussed by Brethren Kay, Dixon, Heck, 
Allen, Morris, Hufham and others. 

Pledges were made to the extent of one thousand dollars 
in behalf of the Board. 

The committee on Religious Exercises reported the follow- 
ing appointments for the Sabbath : 

Baptist Church— 10:30 A. M., Elder W. L. Wright to preach the 
Missionary Sermon ; 7 P. M., Elder J. D. Huf ham. 

Methodist Episcopal Church— 10:30 A. M., Elder T. H. Pritch- 
ard ; 7 P. M., Elder A. C. Dixon. 

Methodist Protectant Church-10:30 A. M., Eider J. E. Carter: 
7 P. M., Elder C. A. Jenkens. 

Presbyterian Church— 10:30 A. M. , Elder J. A. Mundy : 7 P. 
M., Dr. vv. H. Mcintosh. 

Moravian Church— 10:30 A. M., Elder F. W. Eason. 

At Waughtown— 10:30 A. M., Elder J. A. Stradley^ 


34 Minutes of the 

Coix>RED Baptist Church— iO:3<l A. M., Elder E. L. Davis: 3 P. 
M., Elder D. A. Woodson ; 7 P. M , Elder W. J. Fulfonl. 

Sunday School Mass Moetin<; in the Haptist chuw;h at "2 P. M., to be 
addressed by Bretliren J. C. Scarborough, John E. Kay, F. P. Llobgood, 
H. W. Keiiihart, J. M. Heck and J. S. Allen. 

The Convention adjourned with the benediction. 

Night Session. 

The Convention met in Mass Meeting at Brown's Hall at 
7 o'clock to consider the subject of Ministerial Education, 
Elder F. 11. Ivey in the chair. 

After prayer and singing, the report of the Board of Salu- 
tation was read by the Secretary, and the same was dis- 
cussed by Elders McMannaway, McDonald and Durham. 

A collection was taken up amounting to $17.90. 

The Convention was adjourned with the benediction by 
Elder J. A. Stradley. 


Saturday, Nov. 12th, 1881. 

After the usual devotional exercises, conducted by Elder 
J. H. Llewellyn, the Convention was called to order by 
the President. 

The following letter was read by the Secretary: 

Orphan Asylum, Oxford, X. C, Xov< 8th, 1881. 

Eev. C. A. Jcnfcens, Winston. iV". C; 

Deab Sir and Bkc: Upon examination of the books of the Orphan 
Asylum. I tind the amount of cash contributed by the Baptist churches 
of Xorth Carolina since 7th December, 18^0. to this date (Nov. 8th, ISSl,) 
is three hundred and ninety-one dollars and ninety-six cents (•$3'J1.06,) 
for which I tender my heartfelt tlianks, witli my best wishes for harmo- 
ny and christian feelings among all the members of the Baptist Conven- 
tion now in session. 

J. H. MILLS, Sujft. 

Baptist State Convention. 35 

Elder F. H. Ivey submitted the following resolution, 
which was adopted : 

Brsnh'trl^ That this Convention feels an luidiminished interest in the 
work of the Or^jhan Asylum ; and tliat we repeat, with earnestness and 
eanphasis, the recommendation to all our pastors to take up at least one 
collection during the j^ear in aid of the Oxford Orphan Asylum. 

The following dispatch in response to the telegram of the 
Tennessee Baptist Convention, was read by the Secretary : 

North Carolina Baptist State Convention return christian salutations 
to the Tennessee brethren, 2d Thessalonians, 2d chapter, 16th and 17tk 

N. B. COBB, President. 

Elder C. Durham submitted the following resolution : 

Whebeas, We believe that one of our greatest needs is an enlarged 
number of pious, humble, prudent, talented, consecrated, educated 
preachers; and whereas, God now seems to be calling the most of onr 
young preachers from tlie families of the poor; and since there are no\r 
a larger number than ever before of such young men asking help that 
they may the better qualify themselves to preach Jesus Christ to the 
people ; therefore 

Resolved^ That the Lord helping us, we will, during the next yeai', 
make a faithful effort to give the Board of Education live thousand dol- 

The resolution was discussed by Brethren Skinner, 
PuREFOY, Durham, Dixon and Scarborough an.d adopted. 
Elder J. E. Carter submitted the following 


The work of the Home Mission Board is well stated in an address 
wliich the Board has lately issued. They say it is made the duty of the 
Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to seek out and 
supply with the preached word those places in cur own country, espe- 
cially growing centres of population, that are destitute of the means of 
grace, and ignorant of the truth as held by Baptists. 


To provide for the evangelization of the Indian tribes, " holding forth 
the word of life" to those to whom American civilization has been a 
ministry of death, is another duty laid upon us. These people, driven 
from their homes, oppressed by the dominant race upon this continent, 
turn their pleading eyes to us, and ask if christiaiMty offers no compen- 
sation for the wrongs that they have received at our hands. 


Upon our western shores a people of strange habits, and language,. 
and religion, have landed. If not to rebiike our apathy in failing to send 

36 Minutes of the 

the {;o?pol to tlic lieathcn, to oiilarj^e tlio opportunity to roach thorn Goil 
has broii.nlit the licatheii to our sliore-, 

Refcrriiif^ to tlie (Icmtitiuioii in our Southern States, whieli inchides the 
liehls of labor of tiiis Hoard, a ri-port ailopteil at our late Southern Bap- 
tist Convention at Columbus, Mis.*., says : 

"This field of practical mission operation, wiiich is but partially occu- 
pied, presents the most inviting area for missionary labors and triumphs 
beneath the sun. Florida, rapidly peopling? with intelligent settlers, 
will be soon tiie Italy of America, and a center of influence througliout 
the Gulf States. 

"The Mississippi Valley, from New Madrid to Algiers, presents, with 
two or three green spots, a scene of religious desolation. Not a single 
Baptist minister that we know of gives himself to the work of the minis- 
try from Helena to Port Eads, on tiie west side of tlie river, while 
on the east side the rich bottom lands, peopled by thousands of money- 
making planters, are (with the exception of Friar's Point, Baton Rouge, 
VicksbiU'g, and a few other places,) a moral waste. 

''New Orleans, destined to be the center point of tiie great Missis- 
sippi Valley, has special claims on the benevolent activities of the Home 
Mission Board. 

'" Arkansas is especially a missionary field, and beyond it is the j'oung 
empire of Texas, into whose fertile territorie.'? an incessant stream of 
families is pouring at the rate, it is said, of a tliousand people a week, 
with its railroads piercing its most distant points, and nearing the Kio 
Grande. Texas is the grandest and most inviting tield in America, if 
not the world. There should be a hundred missionaries of this Board 
sowing the seeds of truth throughout that broad domain." 

As to the work which this Board is now duing, the limits of this report, 
forbid a full statement. It is enough for present purposes to say, that 
they have laborers in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Ten- 
nessee, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, California and 
Indian Territory ; that in the past year more than three thousand, three 
hundred sermon's and atidre.^S(!S have been delivered, and more tlian five 
thousand, four hundred miles have been travele<l by its missionaries. 
Under the fostering hand of tiiis Board, the Levering Mission School has 
been built in the Indian Territory, wiiere there are now about one hun- 
jred and twenty Indian youth, male and female, receiving christian ed- 
ucation. . , . 

Churches have been organized, souls converted, m towns, cities, and 
araou"' Indians and Chinese; Sunday Schools started, weak churches 
aided and, not least, the "grace of giving" has been stimulated by the 
ao'ents of this Board.* 

"Over tins field, then let us look with deeper concern and fuller sympa- 
thy and let not the Baptists of North Carolina fail to do their duty in 
refe'rence to this division of labor in our Master's vineyard. 



The report was discussed by Dr. McIntosh, Elders Car- 
ter, Skinner, Douglass, Pritchard and Dodson. 

Pledges were made to the extent of S90.00, and cash col- 
lection $31.98. Total $121.98. 

*R^v. E. Dodson has raised from the Baptists of this State for the past year 

Baptist State Convention. 37 

The report was adopted. 

The following report on Periodicals was submitted : 


As a,n organizing, unifying and educating agenej', our religious press 
is a power of liigh degree. A religious paper, read vveeklj' by the niem- 
bers^iiip of our churches, brings us closely together in sympathy in our 
common work. 

None the loss does it tend to unity in our faith and practice, and effi- 
ciency in christian labor. 

A journal devoted to tlie interests of our Foreign Mission work should 
be encouraged, because of the great advantages to be expected from 
making items of information on Foreign Missions a specialty. 

For similar reasons, Sunday School papers should be encouraged. 
We, therefoi'c, recommend the Biblical Recorder, the Foreign Mission 
Journal, and Kind Words to the Baptists of Nortli Carolina. And we 
urge our pastors and brethren to put forth efforts to introduce the Bibli- 
cal Eecorder into every Baptist family in our State. 



On motion, the consideration of the report was made the 
special order for to-night at 7i o'clock. 

Elder J. B. Boone made a statement concerning the Salis- 
bury church, and contributions in behalf of the same were 
made, amounting to $85.30 in cash and pledges. 

The Convention then took a recess until 2 P. M. Bene- 
diction by Elder Hufham. 

Afternoon Session. 

After singing, and prayer by Elder P. Oliver, the Con- 
vention was called to oider by the President. 

The committee to nominate the time and place of next 
meeting, reported as follows : 

Your committee recommend that the North Carolina Baptist State 
Convention meet in Wari-enton, N, C, Wednesday before the second 
Sunday in November, 1SS2. 

ISigned) F. H. JONES, 



38 Minutes of the 

On motion of Elder Bailey, so much of the report as re- 
lates to the place of meeting was adopted, and the time of 
meeting was referred to the Board of State Missions. 

The following report was submitted and adopted : 

Tiie special committer to whom M-as referred the conuTiunication from 
the American Baptist Home Mission Society, recommend that tlie invi- 
tation be accepted, and that live bretliren be appointed to represent thfc» 
ConA'ention at the next Anniversary of the above. Society. 

(Signed) F. H. IVEY, 

J. B. TAYLOl^ 
W. K. CxWAT/i'XBY, 


On motion, President Cobb was elected one of the said 
delegates, and the following brethren were appointed dele- 
gates : J. M. Heck, C. T. Bailey, T. H. Pritchakd, C. 
Durham and T. E. Skinner. 

The President was instructed to fill such vacancies as 
should occur in the list of delegates thus appointed. 

On motion, the President appointed the following breth- 
ren as Corresponding Messengers to the Colored Baptist 
State Convention, which meets in Durham in Nov., 1882, 
to-wit : C. Durham, W. R. Gwaltney, W. L. Wright, J. A. 
Stradley and R. A. Patterson. 

By invitation. Dr. F. A. Douglass, Corresponding Secre- 
tary of the American and Foreign Bible Society, addressed 
the Convention on the subject of his work. 

The following resolutions, introduced by Elder W. L. 
Wrigpit, were adopted : 

HesolBed, That the thanks of this body are due and arc hereby cor- 
dially extended to the citizens of Winston and Salem ; to the members 
of thi^ church, and especially to the brethren and sl.sters of the other 
denominations of these towns for the oreneroiis hospitality with which 
the members of this body have been welcomed and entertained, and to 
the various denominations for tlie use of their houses of worship. 

Pusolved, That we return our hearty thanks to the railroad authori- 
ties for reduced fare, and to the e<litor of the Winston Leader for daily 
reports of the proceedings of the Convention. 

lie!«thed. That the Secretary be authorized to print 2,000 copies of the 
minutes of this session, to send two copies to each church clerk, and to 
draw on the treasurer for the usual amount for his compensation. 

Baptist State Convention. 


At three o'clock the Convention took a recess to visit tke 
Salem Academy, in response to an invitation extended by 
the Principal of that institution. 

Night Session. 

The Convention met at the usual hour, and was led in 
prayer by Elder W. B. Harrell. 

The report on Periodicals was read, and, pending a mo- 
tion to adopt, the report was discussed by Brethren Bailey? 
Carter, Durham, Heck, Scarborough, Dodson, Dixon, 
D0UGI.ASS, Skinner and Hufham. 

The report was adopted. 

The following report of the Finance Committee was sub- 
mitted and adopted: 

Your eommittee on Finance submit the following report : 







Mt. Pisgah... 


Mt. Zion, 

Mt. Zion, 


$ 20 00 
13 10 


$ - 

TTpT-p'c r^hartpl 


1 77 

1 25 
5 50 

2 00 



Flat Rock, 


Central, „ 

25 00 


South Yadkin, 

South Yadkin 

■"■4 00 

Eaton's (J. C. Frost,) 
A.nils Chapel... 

Flat River, 

5 ^ 

Collection in mass 

48 20 

Collection in mass 

31 S5 

Collection for South- 
ern Bap. Convnt'n 

31 70 

$31 70 

$110 30 

$12 12 

$37 70 

Subscriptions for Salisbury church, ^ $35 30 


Minutes of the 

Collections for the xext Conventional Teak. 







J. L. Hi>iart „ 

.$ A 5 on 


20 00 
10 00 

S. II. Cannadv, 

R. B. Morgan", 


5 00 


.•?2.5 00 

8 5 00 


Respectiully submitted, 

.$•2.57 02 


The following report on Obituaries was read and adopted : 

Tliis great and good man was born in Kershaw District, S. C, 1.3tli of 
April, 1818. He began to follow the blaster at 12 years of age. lie 
graduated in Wake Forest College in 1847 ; taught for a few months ii> 
the college ; removed in 1848 to Murfreesboro, in 1S4D to Milton where 
he remained four years ; in 18.54 to Raleigh ; in or about 18;>5 returned to 
Murfreesboro, where he remained until released from his earthly labors 
on the 27th of May, 1881. 

He was ordained to the gospel ministry at Milton in 1849. His life 
work, however, was teaching. As a christian instructor he left hfe im- 
press upon our denomination and country. At Murfreesboro he wa& 
associated with Dr. Wni. Hooper until 18^52, and afterward till his death 
he was President of Murfreesboro Female College. 

A pure character and unsullied life gave his full weight on the side of 
Christ. His memory will ever be potent for good with all who knew 
liim, but especially with the large numbers who received instruction front 
his lips. 


During the past year the Master called away one of our oldest 
ministers. Elder Tlion>as Hoggard, of Hertford county. He was one of 
the most useful men of a generation now passed awaj'. A child of pov- 
ert3', he grew up without literary culture, but when calleil of God to the 
ministry he became an earnest enquirer for knowledge, specially earnest 
in the study of the scriptures, so that he became a workman '"that need- 
ethnottobe ashamed, rightly dividing the word of God." For several 
)'ears before his death feeljleness and indrmity prevented his active labor 
m the ministry. Erijoying tlie lave and confidence of the diurches, he 
waited the call of the Master into the joy of his Lord. • 

The Convention then adjourned to meet again to-morrow 
night after the close of religious exercises. Benediction by 
Dr. Skinker. 

Baptist State Convention. 41 


The Missionary Sermon of the Convention was preached 
in the 

Baptist Church 

at 10:30 A. M., by Elder W. L. Wright. 

2:30 P. M. — Sunday School Mass Meeting in Brown's 
Hall. Addresses by Elder J. A. Mundy and Brethren J. C. 
Scarborough, John E. Ray, J. M. Heck and J. S. Allen. 

7 P. M. — Sermon by Elder J. D. Hufham. 

Methodist Episcopal Church. 

10:30 A. M.— Elder T. H. Pritchard. 
7 P. M.— Elder A. C. Dixon. 

Methodist Protestant Church. 

10:30 A. M.— Elder J. E. Carter. 
7 P. M.— Elder C. A. Jenkens. 

Presbyterian Church. 

10:30 A. M.— Elder J. A. Mundy. 
7 P. M.— Rev. Dr. W. H. McIntosh. 

Moravian Church. 

10:30 A. M.— Elder P. W. Eason. 


11 A. M. — Elder J. A. Stradley. ; 

Colored Baptist Church. 

10:30 A. M.— Elder E. L. Davis. 
3 P. M.— Elder D. A. Woodson. 
7 P. M.— Elder Wm. Beavins. 

42 Minutes of the Baptist State Convention. 

Colored ^fETHODisx Church. 
7 P. M.— Elder J. K. Faulkner. 

The Convention was called to order at the close of the 
«e.ligious exercises in the Baptist church. 

The President announced that the regular business of the 
Convention had been dispatched and that the hour for 
parting had come. He alluded to the progress of the de- 
nomination in the past; expressed the heartfelt thanks of 
the Convention for the generous hospitality extended the 
members by the citizens of Winston and Salem, and bade a 
god-speed to all the brethren. 

Elder E. L, Davis addressed the Convention, and after 
singing " Children of the Pleavenly King," and benedic- 
tion by the President, the Convention adjourned sine die. 

N. B. COBB, President. 

Wm. Biggs, Secretary. 

W. L. Wright, Assistant Secretary. 



By the payment of $30 at one time, aecording to amendment 

to Constitution made in Convention at Oxford, 

Octoher 22nd, 1849. 

Allen, J. S Raleigh. 

Allen, MattieO Raleigh. 

Allen, W. O Wake Forest. 

Amis, Rufus Henderson. 

Bailey, Elder C T Raleigh. 

Baldwin, Elder Moses Winston. 

Balleiiger, W. S 

Beachum, Elder E. F.,Franklinton 

Bennett, Elder J. L Polkton. 

Bennett. Elder D. K..C00I Spring. 
Bennett, Elder A. E...Ansonville. 

Biddle, Mary E Fort Barnwell. 

Bingham. Amy ,. 

Bivens, Elder J. A Monroe. 

Blackwood, Elder A. D... Raleigh. 

Blake, Tliomas VV Raleigh. 

Bogart, Elder C. P 

Bonner, Mrs. E 

Brewor, J. M W. F. College. 

Brooks, Elder W. T.. W, F. College. 

Brongliton, ]S'. B Raleigh. 

Broiiaiiton, Carolina R.... Raleigh. 

Briggs, T. H., Jr Raleigh. 

Briggs, Sarah Grandy Raleigh. 

Callendine, M. B Raleigh. 

Callendine, Mrs. M. B Raleigh. 

Carroll, Eld. J. L..Lexington, Va. 

Chapel, Edward Raleigh. 

Cheek, C. C Ore Hill. 

Cheek, J. N Durham. 

Cobb, Elder N. B Chapel Hill. 

Cobb, Elder J. H.-Lumber Bridge. 

Crawford, T. D Oxford. 

Cohen, Elder A. D Carthage. 

Cook, W. L 

Dalby, E Durham. 

Davis, Elder A. C ...Olive Branch. 
Davis, Elder E. L ...Olive Branch. 
Delke, Prof. J. A....Murfreesboro. 

Deans, J. T Murfreesboro. 

Deans, Susanna Mnrfreesboro. 

Devin, Elder R. L.Young'sXRd's. 

Dixon, Elder A. C Ashevillc. 

Dodd, Roxana M Raleigh. 

Dodson, Elder E Eagle Mills. 

Douglas, Martin 

Dick^^on, Elder J. W....Whitevllle. 

Dunn, J. R Foresville. 

Dunn, P. A W. F. College. 

Dunn, S. H Forestville. 

Dunn, W. B Forestville. 

Dunn, L. C Forestville. 

Dunn, E. S Xense. 

Durham, Elder C Durham. 

Durham, Dr. L. N Shelby. 

Ellis, C. D Edenton. 

Ellis, .1. W Whiteville. 

Edwards, C B Raleigh. 

Faison, A. M Warsaw. 

Foote, J. H Wilkesboro. 

Fowler, H. D 

Furlow, David 

Godwin, B Lumberton. 

Graham, Susan AY Hillsboro. 

Graves, W. B Yancevville. 

Gritlith, Elder R. H Charlotte. 

Grady, Susan 

Grayson, Eld. J. C... Bridge water. 

Grandy, W. S Oxiord. 

Grandy, T. T Oxford. 

Gwaltney, Elder W. R Raleigh. 


Life Members of the 

Ilarrell, Elder AV, B Monroe. 

Hicks, S. S 

Hester. H 

Hio:h. Delana 

Hill, Elder G. W Whiteville. 

Haden,.Ias. W Liiiwood. 

Hicks. J. A 

Home, S. R Morrisville. 

Hilliard. J. M Morrisville. 

Heck, Minnie C Ralei.<i;h. 

Heck, J. M Ra]ei<?h. 

Heck. George Raleigh. 

Heck, Mrs. Mattie Raleigh. 

Hoggard. Eld. J. N"..Murfreesboro. 

Howell, Ekler J. K Raleigh, 

Howell, Virginia C Raleigh. 

Howell, .T. M Kittrell's. 

Hardwick, Eld. J. B... Bryan, Tex. 

Howard, Joseph 

Howard, S. L Berea, 

Hiden, Eld. J. C ...Smithfield, Va. 
Huf ham. Eld. J. D...Scotrd J^eck 

Ivey, Elder F. H Goldshoro. 

Ivey, Ruf us J Raleigh. 

James. Elder J. J Yancey ville. 

Jackson, Elder J. B 

Jenkens, Elder C. A Oxford. 

Jones, Eld. Aaron..Richraond, Va. 

Jones, ]iufus P 

Jones, Elder G. 3..Hendersonville. 
Joues, Elder F. H Yanceyville. 

King, Marcellus 

King, Elder J. B Monroe. 

Lacy, Elder J. H 

Laton. Eliler Jeptha 

Lawhon, Eld. W. H. H...Carthage. 

Lennon, Elder H Bladenboro. 

Lindsay, ^V. R Madison. 

Lougee, Louis O Durham. 

Lougee, Mrs. A. A Durham. 

Lougee, 3Irs. C. E Raleigh. 

Lownes, B Yanceyville. 

Luther, Elder J Harrisville. 

Lynn, VVm 

Marsh, Elder R. H Oxford. 

Markham, J. L Durham. 

Martin, Edward Wliite Oak. 

Mason,Elder J. P Chapel Hill. 

McAlpine, Elder H 

MeCullers, Sarah S 

McDaniel, Elder R 

McDowLll,Mrs.M. A. Murfreesboro, 

McGugan, D. W Dundarrach. 

McMannaway, Eld.A.G.Louisburg 

Meadows, F. ^I Hendersoa 

Melvin, Arthur 

Mills, L. R W. F. College 

Mills, Mr.s. L. R 

Mitchell, Elder J Murfreesboro 

Mitchell, W. W Winton 

Mitchell, J. W Pitch Landing 

Montague, Eld. J. E... Bethel Hill 

^lontague, B F Raleigh 

^Moody, Elder R H ...CoUettsville 
Monroe, Elder John. ..Laurel Hill 

Moore, Elder R. R Greensboro 

Moore, E. S Selma. 

Xeal, J. F 

Nowell, Elder W. C Clayton. 

Overby, Eld. R. R..Elizab'th City: 

Pace, W. H Raleigh. 

Pace, Mrs. M. Lula Raleigh. 

Parker, W. C Murfreesboro. 

Patterson, Elder R. A Gath. 

Poe, Elder E. A Morgantoa. 

Pope, Ann L 

Poteat. James 

Plummer. Lucy 

Purefoy, Elder X. A. ..Warren ton. 
Purefoy, Eld. J. S..W. F. College. 
Purefoy, Eld. A. F 
Purefoy, Miss Emma J " 

Powell, Absalom 

Pittman, Eld. A. R. ...Lumberton. 
Pritchard, Eld.J. P..Crockett,Tex. 
Pritchard, Eld. T H..W.F.College 
Pritchard, J. P., Jr 

Ransom, J. M 

Ray, Capt. J. S Neuse. 

Ray, JohnE Raleigh. 

Ray, Mrs. J. E Raleigh. 

Richardson, Eld. J. B..High Point. 
Royall, Elder Wm...W.F.College. 
Royall, Eld. W. B...w: F. College. 
Royall, Mrs.W. B.. W.F. College. 

Royster, Mrs. Mary W Raleigh. 

Russell, Isabella G 

Sanders, Elder B Lilesville. 

Sava:i:e, Eld. R. R... Murfreesboro. 
Scarborough, W. D... Eagle Rock. 

Scarborough, J. C Raleigh. 

Scarborough, Eld.C.W ..AV.F.Coll. 

Scott, C. R 

Simmons, Lydia 

Simmons. Prof.W.G..W.F.College. 

Skinner, Elder T. E Raleigh. 

Skinner, Mrs. Annie S Raleigh. 

Smith, W. B Forestville. 

Baptist State Convention. 


Stongh, Elder A. L Shelby. 

Stradloy, Elder T Asheville. 

Stradley, Elder J. A Oxford. 

Taylor, Elder C. E...W.F.College. 
Tavlor, Mrs. C. E....\y.F. College. 

Taylor, MaryH W.F. College. 

Taylor, Elder G. B ..Kome, Ita'ly. 
Taylor, Elder Jas. B... Wilmington 

Taylor, Mary 

Thomas, R. P Pitch Landing. 

Timberlake, Mrs. Mary W , 

Towies. Miss Sallie Raleigh. 

Tobey. Elder T. W... Camden, Ala. 

Underwood, Eld.F.R..Greensboro. 

Upchnrch, W. G Raleigh. 

Upchurch, Mrs. Marks Raleigh. 

Vass, W. W Raleigh. 

Vernon, Eld. J. H ...Cedar Grove. 

Ward, J. J 

Weaver, Elder W. G 

White, Eld. J. B..Upper Alton, 111. 

White. Elder J, M Clayton. 

Wliitaker, Mrs. Harriet.AYhitaker's 

Williams, Jane P 

Williams, Jeremiah W 

Williams, Mrs. Sarah A.. Raleigh. 

WilliauLson, B. P Raleigh. 

Wilson, Miss Carrie Raleigh. 

Wilson, Elder J. C Merry Oaks. 

Womble, Jordan, jr Raleigh. 

Womble, Mrs. Amy Raleigh. 

A\^omble, W. T Raleigh. 

Woodard, Sarah 

Yarbro,Eld.J.H ..Burnt Chimney. 

Yates, AVm Green Level. 

Yates, Eld. M. T. Shanghai,China. 
Yates, Mrs. M. T.. ■''' " 



Abernathy, R. P..... Murjihy. 

Abeniatliy, \V Happy Home. 

Adams, \V, F ...Roaring' River. 

Adams, J :Miilbcrry. 

Adams, K. .1 Mt. >;ebo. 

Adams, J. I' Jonesville. 

Albritton,,!. T Mt. Olive. 

Aldennuii, A. 1! ^.Hawley's Store. 

Allistjn, K Wayne.sville. 

Amnions. .Jolui Morgan Hill. 

Ammons, Y Charleston. 

Amon, I). F Jacksonville. 

Anderson, J. W Mar's Hill, 

Angel, Jumcs Boonevllle. 

Ashley, B. VV Wilkesboro. 

4.skew, William Elizabeth flty. 

Ayers, D. B Red Banks. 

Ayers, J. AV (.Bakersville. 

Ax, L Quallatown. 

Babb, T. W Reynoldeon. 

Bailey, C. T Kaleiu'h. 

Baldwin, E. F Greensboro. 

Baldwin, T. M Frauklinsville. 

Baldwin, M Winston. 

Baldwin, S Snipes" .'^tore. 

Barber, B. D.... Smithtield. 

Barber, B. F Windsor. 

Bstrker, A. N New Hope. 

Barkley, J. G Rocky Blount. 

Barnes, K Sterling's Mills. 

Barrett, W. A Franklinton. 

Beacham, E. F Franklinton. 

Bean, B. N Brevard. 

Beard, C. E Fayetteville. 

Beasley, J. J Wilmington. 

Beasley, J. M Fayetteville. 

Beck, A. W Davidson River. 

Beck, M. P Trovs store. 

Bell, J. W Clinton. 

Best, E. A Richlands. 

Best, G. y Keniinsville. 

Bennett, .Toel Shullotte. 

Bennett, A. E Ansonville. 

Bennett, J. L Monroe. 

Berry, W. C East Laport. 

Betts, Allen Winslow. 

Betts, Alvin Apex. 

Bivens, J. A Monroe. 

Blackwood, A. D Raleiiih. 

Blake, W. P Weldon. 

Bland, William ...Harrell's .store. 

Blauton, J. H Fair Blutt. 

Blytho,.! Saluda. 

Boone, J. B Statesville. 

Booth,.!. H Dallas. 

Bostwick, W. M Bostwick's IMills. 

Bowen, N Henderson ville. 

Bradley, .1. I) Vanceville. 

Bradley, W.T Morgan Hill. 

Bra.sington, ,1. T Wadesboro. 

Breu.ile, E. D Webster. 

Brickhouse, L. C Columbia. 

Bright, T Glencoe. 

Bridgers, J. M Shelby. 

Brigg-s, H. W iTy Gap 

Briggs, W Shiloh. 

Briggs, \V. K Briggsvillo. 

Brinkley, A Snow Jlill. 

Britt, J. L Warsaw. 

Brooks, G. W Cherryrield. 

Brooks, J. N Mulberry. 

Brooks, W. T., D. D., Wake Forest Col. 

Brown, 0. C Haniptonville. 

Brown, S. W Jonesvill, 

Brown, M. xM Eastl.:ip 

Brown, W. G Hampton\ 

Brown, H. A VS'in 

Brumlield, J l)ai,,K^. 

Brunt, William Lillingtou. 

Bryan, J. M Boman's Bluir. 

Bryan, L EUzabethtowu. 

Buchanan, J. W Bakersville. 

Buchanan. C. N ^...Webster. 

Buchanan, J. L Webster. 

Buchanan. E Bakersville. 

Buchanan, S , Big Meadow. 

Buchanan, W.S '. Bakersville. 

Buchanan, L Plum Tree. 

Biichanan, VV. W ..Ledger. 

Buckuer, L Big Laurel. 

Buie, i). A 

Bumgarner, J Knob Creek. 

Bunch, E Gatesville. 

Bunch, J Windsor. 

Burcham. S. M Elkiu. 

Burfoot, A. W Indian Creek, Va. 

Caines, J.T Lumberton. 

Calder, J. \V Harper's X Roads. 

Callaway, A. G Albemarle. 

Campbell, A. N Winslow. 

Campbell, I. J Island Ford. 

Campton, C. M Forks of Pigeon. 

carpenter. D Double Shoals. 

Carrick, Thomas Greenville, 

Carter, T Head of Tennessee. 

Carter, Jos. E WiLson. 

Case, C. C White Oak Hall. 

Cashwell, C. S Rosliu. 

Castepheus, T.D Mt. Nebo. 

Caudle, .S. A Lanesboro. 

Caudle, J. H (Quaker Gap. 

Chaffin, N. S Calahau. 

Childers, VV. R 

Church, G. H 

Churchill, O Chalk Level. 

Clark, J. D Lumberton. 

Clenny, L. M Albemarle. 

Cobu, JN. B Chapel Hill. 

Cobb, J. H Lumber Bridge. 

Cogdell. James 

Cohen, A. D Carthage. 

Collis, James Grassy Creek. 

Collis, S. M Bakersville. 

Collins, J. W Chalk Level. 

CoUin.s, s. D Lumberton. 

Comer, J. ti Hamptonville. 

Connally, J. K Asheville. 

Conner, W. H Ocona Lufta. 

Conrad, .S. F Lewisville. 

Conway, D. W Happy Home. 

Baptist Ministers in Worth Carolina, 


Cook, George Bakersville. 

Corn, A. J^ /.v../... ..Crab Tree. 

Corn, M ....Green River. 

Corusilk, A Cheoah, 

Creeck, W .St. Charles. 

Crews, R. W Farminglon. 

Croom, H. M ....Wallace. 

Crutehfleki, E ..Troy's Store. 

C^ilbreth, H. Rutherfordton. 

Dauiel, S, A.... Jerusalem. 

I>avid, E Taylorsville, 

Davis, J. D .Raleigh. 

Davis, A. C Ames. 

Davis, E. L Olive Branch. 

Davis, H Trail Branch. 

Davis, J, W Polkton. 

Delon, N California. 

Denton, J. R Dysartville, 

Devin, R.I Young's X Roads. 

Deweese, W Aciuone< 

Deweese, L , Mar's Hill. 

Dickson, J. W Whiteville. 

Dixon, A. C <AsheviUe. 

Dixon, T...- Shelby. 

Dodson, E .....Eagle Mills. 

Dow, D, B , Lumberton. 

Dowell, G. J Wary. 

Dowell, W .Jennings' Mills. 

Downing, J. B Cedar Creek. 

Buckworth, J, H Brevard, 

Duke, G. M Castalia. 

Duncan, H. J Clinton. 

Duncan, J. W Ledger. 

Dunn,C Cherrytield. 

Durham, C... Durham., 

Eason, F, W, ...Newbern. 

Edwards, A. A "Wilmington. 

Edwards, O. T Ore Hill. 

Elam, P. R King's Mountain. 

Eller, J, F .,. 

Ellington, J. F ..Clayton. 

Ensley, W ......Webster. 

Falson, J, P Harrell's Store. 

Farthing, A. C Sweet Water. 

Farthing, J. A Sweet Water. 

Farthing, S. J Sweet Water. 

Earthing, R. P Sweet Water. 

Faulkner, J. K ...Kinston. 

Ferrell, M. S Green Level. 

Fisher, D Fine's Creeks 

Fisher, J. G Rosliu. 

Fisher, R Cedar Creek. 

Fleetwood, J. C Margarettsville. 

Flemming, R, T Marion, 

Fontaine, W. S ....Reidsville. 

Fontaine, P. H Reidsville. 

Bpreraan, C. C Centre. 

Franklin, J. K ..Judesville. 

Franklin, M ...Bakersville. 

Freeman, F, M Logan'sStore. 

Freeman, J. H Durham. 

Freeman, M, L Louisburg. 

Fullord, W. J cool Spring. 

Galaway, A, G Albemarle. 

Gilbert, R. M , Blue Ridge. 

Gilliiand, D..., Plymouiu. 

Gilmore, S Bear (Jreek. 

Gilreatli, A York Institute. 

Glenn, D. A Littleton. 

Gooding, A. H Sweet Home. 

Goforth, J. A Big Pine Creek. 

Goforth, S. S Zimmerman. 

Gore, D. N Whiteville. 

Gray, \V . F Sourwood' 

Grayson, J. C. Bridsewater- 

Green, C. M Robbinsville' 

Green, J. B New Hoi>e- 

Green, L. H Bakersville- 

Green, P. G Stecoah- 

Green, B,M Bakersville' 

Greene, G. W Moravian Falls- 

Gritlith, R. H Charlotte' 

Gourley, R Winston- 

GurganioHs, J. W Wadesboro- 

Gwaltney, L. P .......Cedar Run- 

Gwaltney, J. P. York Institute* 

Gwaltney, W. R Raleigh. 

Gwaltney, J. S Clinesvilie. 

Gwyn,E.N Elkin. 

Hackney, D St. Lawrence^ 

Hackney, J. D Lawrence. 

Haithcock, W. H .....Albemarle. 

Haithcock, U. V Albemarle., 

Hamner, W. H Thoraasvillg^ 

Hamrick, F. C Rutherlordton. 

Hamrick, G. P Whitaker's, S. C. 

Harman, G. W. Marion. 

Harper, R. D Castalia. 

Harrell, D Windsor. 

Harrell, William Burnt Chimney. 

Harrell, H Burnt Chimney 

Harrell, W. B.. ., Mon.-oe'. 

Harris, J. A Lynch. 

Harris, W Kapp's Mills. 

Harrington, S. H liukersville, 

Harrington, E. P. EUrd's Mills. 

Harrison, T .Rockingham, 

Hatcher, H Raleigh, 

Hayes, Henry Manteo 

Haymore, C. O. Mt. Airy, 

Haynes. I. X Wilkesboro. 

Haynes, ., Forks ot Pigeon. 

Heatherly A. .Flat Rock, 

Hilburns, L. W Robeson's. 

Hildebraud, A Warlick's Mills. 

Hildebrand, I. M Woodlawn 

Hill, G. W Whiteville'. 

Hill, J. G Stanley Creek. 

Hill, L. W Robeson's. 

Hocut,H Earpsboro. 

Hoeut, J. C. Dayton. 

Hodge, J. F Gold Hill. 

Hoggard, Thomas Pitch Landing. 

Hoggard, J. M Murfreesboro. 

Hollander, J. W Plum Tree. 

Hollar, I Zimmerman, 

HoUeman, J. M Apex 

Honeycuti, W. A , Ivy Gap- 

Houeycutt, T. M Ivy Gap! 

Honeycutt, Samuel , Ivy Gap 

Hooker, J. W Leicester.' 

Hooper, L. W uich Mountain. 

Horner, T. J Henderson. 

Horton, U. C Elizabeth City. 

Howell,J K selma. 

Howell, Jesse Green Level. 

Hoyle, M. B Flinty Branch, 

Hut ham, J. D., D. D Scotland Neck 

Hnlham, G. W V\^arsaw. 

Hughes, J Elkin, 

Hull, W. F Mull's Grove. 

Hunt, T. J Westville, 

I'Anson, V Seaboard. 

Irwin, A. C Shelby, 

Israel, L. \ Hominy Creek. 

Ivey, F. H Goldsboro. 

I'^ey,S Leesville, 


Baptist Ministers in North Carolina. 

Jackson, John Quallatown. 

James, 15. H Olive Kraiicli. 

James, J. J Yanccyville 

Jenkins, C. A Oxford. 

Jessup, i5. F Cedar Oeek. 

Johuhon, K. D J.uinberton. 

Johnson, W. M Charlotte. 

Jones, F. H Yanceyvillc. 

Jones, J. J Webbs' Ford. 

Jones, G. S Hendersonvllle. 

Jones, J. R Hickory. 

Jones, R.T Flat Hock. 

Jordan, F.M Hendersonvllle. 

.Jordan, James Troy. 

Jordan, J Roaring River. 

Jordan, W. P Small's X Roads. 

.lordan, W.T Lumberton. 

Judd, H. D Jonesboro. 

Justice, A. A West's Mills. 

Justice, C. B Rutherford ton. 

Justice, T. B Mills' Spring. 

Justice, A. I Asheville. 

Kelly, D. C Abbottsburg. 

Kennedy, W. M Magnolia. 

Kerley, J TaylorsvlUe. 

King, J. E Monroe. 

King, W. G Osgood. 

Kitchen, A. E Greensboro. 

Klvett, M. D Troy's Store. 

Knight, W. B Snow Hill. 

Knight, D 

Knight, W.T 

Lambreth, William Salisbury. 

Land,L North Fork. 

Lanier, Benjamin Level Plain. 

Lansdell, J. J Roxboro. 

Latta, A. T Monroe. 

Lawhon, W. H. H Carthage. 

Lay ton, J. H Rogers' Store. 

Leary, T. J Beaulort. 

Leary, West Edenton. 

Lee, J. P Reynoldson. 

Lennon, H Bladenboro. 

Lennon, J. P Robeson's. 

Lequeux, H. D Catawba. 

Leweilyn, J. H Dobson. 

Littleton, J. T Albemarle. 

Littleton, J. K Albemarle. 

Logan, W. H Grassy Knob. 

Logan, R. P Sweet Home. 

Long, B Franklin. 

Long, M. P Franklin. 

Long, John Quallatown. 

Lovett. W Princeton. 

Luke, J. M. C Elizabeth City. 

Lynch, A. O Green Hill. 

Mace, G. W Boman's BluflT. 

Mace, W. D Plum Tree. 

Macomson, M. V Morganton. 

Maget, W. L Margarettsville. 

Marconi, J. C Ballentine's Mills. 

Marsh, R. H Oxford. 

Marsh, J. B Catawba. 

Marshall, J. A Hamburg. 

Martin, B. H Happy Home. 

Martin, E White Oak, 

Martin, N Red Banks. 

Mashburn, J. Q, Fine's Creek. 

Mason, J. P Chapel Hill. 

Mason, M Cherryfield. 

Matthews, O. M Clinton. 

Matthews, B Sourwood. 

Matthews, J. R Pitch Landing, 

May, M Aquone. 

May, Samuel Cross Roads Church. 

May, S. S Cross Roads Church. 

Maynard, J.R Morrisville. 

McCarthy, W. C Hendersonvllle. 

.McCurry, L Dysartville. 

Mci.'lendon, J. J Ansonvillc. 

McDevitt, .L M Marshall. 

McDevitt, P Marshall. 

McDultie, M. V Henderson. 

McFaddin, J. T Rutherfordton. 

McMannaway, A. G Louisburg. 

Mc.Mahan, A Burnt Chimney. 

McMillan, D. C Leesville. 

McMillan, N Shallotte. 

McMillan, J. F Lumberton. 

McSwain, A. A Shelby, 

McSwain, William Shelby. 

McSwain, L. H Antioch, S. C. 

Melvin, W. S White Oak. 

Mercer, N I^umberton, 

Merchant, , Franklin. 

Metcalf, J Briggsville. 

Miles, J French Broad. 

Miller, J Fair View. 

Mingus, C. B Pigeon River. 

Mintz, W Shufordville. 

Mitchell, John,D. D Murfreesboro. 

Mitchell, S. W Morrisville. 

Mizzell, M. L Windsor. 

Monroe, John Laurel Hill. 

Montague, J. E Bethel Hill. 

Montague, E. .1 Centre Grove. 

Montague, J. P Tally Ho. 

Moore, G. P Pittsboro. 

Moore, R. A Pittsboro. 

Moore, R. R Greensboro. 

Morgan, B. L Stecoah. 

Morgan, E Hominy Creek. 

Morgan, E. J Hominy Creek. 

Morgan, N. Robbinsville. 

Morgan, S. J Morgan Hill. 

Morton, H Bilesville. 

Morton, W. G Albemarle. 

Morton, S. D Ansonville. 

:\Ioss, N. H Cherryville. 

Mullinax, T. H Whitaker's. 

Mundy, J. A Warrenton. 

Murchlson, D. C (iulf. 

Myers, W. A Osbornville. 

INIyers, H. E Round Mountain. 

Nelson, C. .T Goldsboro. 

Nelson, D. B Horse Shoe. 

Nelson, W. A., D. D Shelby. 

Newberry, T. B Rockingham. 

Newell, G. W Louisburg. 

Newton, R Fayetteville. 

Newton, D. N Fayetteville. 

Newton, C. C Herringsville, 

Norris, H. W Ballentine's Mills. 

Nowell, W. C Eagle Rock. 

Nowell, A. J Eagle Rock. 

Olive, Johnson Holly Springs. 

Oliver, J. R Mt. Olive. 

Oliver, P Dalton. 

Ollis, W. H Plum Tree. 

Overby, R. R Camden C. H. 

Overton W. C Winton. 

Owens, W. C Monroe. 

Owen, S. C Rich Mountain. 

Owen, J. L Hamburg, 

Owl, S Quallatown. 

Oxford, Isaac Taylorsville. 

Baptist Ministers in North Carolina. 


Page, \V. M Haw'ley's Store. 

Page, H. (" Beaslej- Hill. 

Pannell, D Webb's Ford. 

Pannell, M Shelby. 

Parham, H. P Sandy Mush. 

Parker, H. B Murfreesboro. 

Parson. W. C Day Book. 

Parris, T. \V Eagle Mills. 

Patterson, R. A Gath. 

I'atterson, H Hendersouville. 

Payne, S. F 

Peek, J. W „ Bee Log. 

Pendergrass, J. F Marion. 

Perdieu, \V. H JonesviHe. 

PerKinson, L. C Warren Plairis. 

Pernell, P. H Louisburg. 

Peruell, M. R Fraukliuton. 

Phillips, W Valley River. 

Phifer, J. V\' Lanesboro. 

Phifer, ^Y Monroe 

Phifer, A Monroe. 

Pierce, E Merry Hill. 

Pinner, R Burnsville. 

Pinner, P Bald Creek. 

Pipes, L 

Pitchford, J. A Littleton. 

Pittman, A. R Gray's Creek. 

Plemmons, J Big Pine Creek. 

Poe, A. E Marion. 

Poindexter, T. H Richmond Hill. 

Pool, William Taylorsville. 

Pool. J. B. Taylorsville. 

Pool, C. C Taylorsville. 

Pool, W. A Taylorsville. 

Postou, R Shelby. 

Poston, F. H Shelby. 

Prevatt, F Luraberton. 

Prevatt, F. A Lumberion. 

Prevatt, I T Wilkesboro. 

Pritchard,T. H., D. D., 

Wake Forest College. 

Pruitt, N Knob Creek. 

Powell, C. L Pantego. 

Powell, J.B Lenoir. 

Pugh, J. M Franklinville. 

Purefoy, A. F Wake Forest College. 

Purefoy, J. S Wake Forest College. 

Purefoy, N. A Wake Forest College. 

Putnam, J. W Little Rock Creek. 

Queen, B N Wolf Mountain. 

Queen, L. E East Laport. 

Radford, Levi Princeton. 

Ray, D. J Whiteville. 

Rector, J. A Catawba. 

Redman, A New Hope. 

Redwine, J. F Fork Church. 

Reece, J. V Forks of Pigeon. 

Register, .1. M White Hall. 

Richardson, J. B High Point. 

Rickman, P. R West's Mills. 

Riddle, H. B'. Big Pine Creek. 

Roberts, D. J Hertford. 

Roberts, D.J Cherry Lane. 

Roberts, E Big Pine Creek. 

Robertson, W. A Bald Creek. 

Robertson, W Ledger. 

Rochelle, .1. J Jackson. 

Rogers, J. W. F Apex. 

Rollins, G. W Green Grove. 

Rooke, T. J Mooresville. 

Roper, S. A Jackson Hill. 

Rose, J. K Elkin. 

Royall, W. B Wake Forest College. 

Royall, Wm., D. D Wake Forest Col. 

Russell, W. W Albemarle 

Salts, J. M... Charleston. 

Sams, L. W Grantville. 

Sanderlin, D Woodville. 

Sanderlin, G. W LaGrange. 

Sandling, R. C Beaufort. 

Saunders, B Lilesville. 

Savage, R. R Murfreesboro. 

Scarborough, C. W Wake Forest Col. 

Seagraves, W Jonesville. 

Sentell, R. A Forks of Pigeon. 

Sessoms, R. M Lumberton. 

Sheets, Henry Salem Church. 

Shell, J. T Hickory. 

Sherrill, G D Lenoir. 

Sherrill, I. T. S Quallatown. 

Silver, J Ledger. 

Silver, T Burnsville. 

Simmons, S. F Elkin. 

Skinner, T. E., D. D Raleigh. 

Smiley, J. M Charleston 

Smith, Isaac Lenoir. 

Smith, J. M Happy Home. 

Smith, J. L St. Lawrence. 

Smith, J. W Birdsville. 

Snider, D. A Monroe. 

Solomon, W Albemarle. 

Spark, J. C Bakersville. 

Speight. T. T Wiggins' X Roads. 

Speight, J. A Murfreesboro. 

Spivey, H. S Dismal. 

Stallings, J. N Warsaw. 

Steel, R. L Taylorsville. 

Stewart, J. L Clinton. 

Stoker, A. P Denton. 

Stone, Isham Lumberton. 

Stough, A.L Shelby. 

Stradley, J. A Oxlord. 

Stradley, T Asheville. 

Stringfield, O. L., Wake Forest College. 
Styers, J.P Shelby. 

Taquetta, Cheoah. 

Tart, W. L Abbottsburg. 

Taylor, C. E Wake Forest College. 

Taylor, J. B Wilmington. 

Taylor, J. H Otter Creek. 

Taylor, E L Rutherfordton. 

Terrell, J Winston. 

Tew, J. O Huntley. 

Tew, D. W 

Thayer, W. N Sanders' Hill. 

Thomas, I. W Stony Point. 

Thompson, J. K Judesville. 

Thompson, S. H Thomasville. 

Thompson, K Edwardsville. 

Thomasson, D. W Garibaldi. 

Tinsley, J. D Mulberry. 

Townsend, J. T Fayelteville. 

Trivett, S ■ Marion. 

Tupper, H. M Raleigh. 

Turner, William Salem. 

Tuttle, J. F Elizabeth City. 

Tynch, J Edenton. 

Underwood, F. R Hamilton. 

Upton, T. W Stanley Creek. 

Utley, J Morehead City. 

Vann, R. T ...Murfreesboro. 

Vernon, J. H Roxboro. 

Vernon, J. T Madison. 

Vipperman, J. H Mt. Airy. 

Walker, T. H ...Pelham. 

Wallen, S Big Laurel. 


Baptist Ministers in North Carolina. 

Weaver, Amos Clayton 

Webb, G. M Shelby 

Wells, W. W Best. 

West, J. H Davidson River. 

West, W. C Fayetteville. 

Wester, D .Louisburg. 

White, J. A Shelby. 

White, J. M Clayton. 

White, J. W Merry Hill. 

Whitener, P. A Morganton. 

Whitfleld, T., D. D Charlotte. 

Whitlock, L. A Albemarle. 

Whitt, J Mars' Hill. 

Wilborn, D Boomer. 

Willcox, A. G Brinkleyville. 

Wilcoxin, D. W Cranberry. 

Wild, J. R Big Pine Creek. 

Wilhoit, G. O Ansonville. 

Wilkie, G. J Catawba. 

Wilkie, J. Rutherfordton. 

Wilkie, W. J Bear Wallow. 

Williams, C Forks oi Pigeon. 

Williams, B. B Coleraine. 

WilliamB, E. C Matthews. 

Wilson, J. C Merry Oaks. 

Wilson, William Reidsville. 

Wilson, Samuel Bee Log. 

Wood,T. G VVinton. 

W^oodruff, W. B Elkln. 

Woodson, D. A Mocksville. 

Woodward, J. S Burniiigtown. 

Wooten, E. W Whiteville. 

Wooten, R W New Castle. 

Wright, D Troy. 

Wright, I. D Franklin. 

Wright, T Zimmerman. 

Wright, W. L Hillsboro. 

Yarboro J. H Burnt Chimney. 

Yarborough, A Lexington. 

Young, T. VV Kelvin Grove. 

Young, P. R Fine's Creek. 


*3=- It is not expected that tliis list is correct in every respect, but it is as nearly 
so as it is possible to make it from the information at hand. Any corrections 
will be gratefully received and inserted in the next issue. 

.......... ,«..#%4^€^s*^N^.* 


-^^ S^